iOS Folders: iOS 5 Bug Allows A Single Folder To Contain All Your SpringBoard Apps


by casey on November 7, 2011

According to Apple, an iOS device is allowed to add 180 folders and each folder is restricted to add 12 apps in it. Well there is a bug in iOS 5 that allows completely different customization of your iPhone’s SpringBoard. A single folder can contain all your apps with no jailbreak needed. You can watch video after a break to see how it works.

Earlier we saw a method that allows you to put Newsstand into a folder. Although opening it results in a crash. Same method is allowing to put all apps in a single folder.

iOS Folders

No rocket science is involved to perform this. All you need to do is to drag an application on top of another to make a folder. When you make a folder with apps, at this moment you can put the folder into this folder and so on. If you are still not clear, just watch the video in which it isdemonstrated.

iOS 5 has got the maximum number of revisions before it was released to public. Seven beta versions were introduced to the developers before a Golden Master and public version. Still there are bugs? Well this is not surprising when you deal with software development and testing. Companies tries to fix them during the testing phase but still some bugs get lucky.

It is also a little too early to say that its a bug. May be starting from iOS 5, Apple has started to allow such customizations. The other opinion is very simple, its a bug because Apple always put restrictions to such customizations that does not have any use. Think of what benefits putting all your apps in a single folder can give you? Nothing except to tell your friends that its possible.

Check out the video below made by a YouTube user TechTechMAnTV:

So let us wait for another firmware update in order for Apple to fix this. Stay tuned to to get more interesting news on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can also send us if you find anything interesting. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected.

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