Siri Requires iPhone 4S Jailbreak! Developer Explains Copyright Issues Behind Not Releasing Siri Port


by casey on November 1, 2011

Earlier we we told you that Siri has been ported to iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. We were happy that it might be released to public very soon. Later we updated another post that Chpwn and StroughtonSmit, the developers behind this fully functional Siri port refused to release it to the public.

We have also discussed what could be the possible reason behind not releasing it for the public. Our guess was that the method involves some kind of piracy that gives Apple the right to legally bound them. We know the jailbreakers, the ones that provide us these ports and jailbreaking tools never promote or support piracy. Seems like our guess was absolutely VeryRIte. We have tagged that post to these developers on Twitter. They have released a blog post to explain in detail what has stopped them to release it to the public and how it involves various things that they need to consider:

Fully functional Siri iPod Touch 4g

Why not Siri for iPhone 4, iPod touch right now?

As @stroughtonsmith and I demonstrated a few days ago, it is possible to run Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod touch. However, as we are currently unable to distrubte the necessary information or the exact procedure we used, I think I should at least explain tthe reasoning.

Back Information and fundamentals of how copyright laws works

For a small amount of background information, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of how copyright law works. Apple owns the copyright on the software, images, and data used inside iOS, as they created it. Because of that, they have the ability to decide what other people can are licensed to do with it: copy it, distribute it, make deriviative works based on it. Pretty simple. But this does lead to one important, if somewhat counterintuitive fact: just because a piece of data is available on the internet, it does not mean that you have the rights to redistribute that data, or any portions of it, without an applicable license. Similarly, just because certain files are freely available on a device or inside a firmware file, it does not imply that those files can legally be distributed by anyone without specific permission from Apple.

In the context of Siri, this means that the resource files, images, and code that makes up Siri cannot be freely shared. These frameworks and plugins that work together to build Siri are not included on other iPhone models besides the 4S, or on any iPod touch models. Therefore, they must be copied from a running iPhone 4S or from the firmware (.ipsw) file. The first method requires you to own an iPhone 4S to copy the files from, so it is not useful for most: if you already own an iPhone 4S, you already have Siri. The issue with the second method is more technical: the firmware files are distributed encrypted, and we do not yet have the decryption key to access the files inside of the freely-availble (but, as explained above, not redistributable!) firmware file.

Just from that, you currently must already own an iPhone 4S to install Siri on it without a blatant copyright violation. But that’s not it: even if you do that, there’s still a few more reasons why it won’t work.

Developers Claimed That They Are The Only Ones Who Have Successfully Ported It and It Requires Jailbroken iPhone 4S:

Many people have managed to display the Siri UI on the iPhone 4; it is, in fact, reasonably trivial with access to the files copied off the iPhone 4S as explained above. But only Steven and myself yes, I know there are others that claim to have: I’ll tell you this, they haven’t ;) have managed to make Siri successfully contact the Apple servers and receive responses. Why? Here, the answers become slightly more murky. Partially this is because I don’t want to reveal too much about the procedure to try and ensure that you all will be able to use it in the future, and partially because it requires a jailbroken iPhone 4S, something which is currently not publicly available. Anyway, the general gist of it is that you almost certainly need the access provided by the a jailbreak to extract all of the information necessary to get Siri working on another device, and that’s not yet availble. (And, no, I don’t know when it will be. You can follow along with me while we wait, though!)


Anyway, I hope that clears up some of the technical and legal reasons why distributing a build (or instructions) to run Siri on older hardware isn’t possible at the moment. When we have the ability to decrypt the encrypted iPhone 4S firmware file to extract the Siri files legally, without the need for an iPhone 4S and we have an iPhone 4S jailbreak to obtain the other nececssary information at a mass scale, hopefully this can become a reality and everyone can try out Siri on their older devices. Until then, showing you a video that it is possible is the best we can do.

Source: via ChPwn Blog(The above text is taken from Chpwn Blog except for the titles)

If you are interested only to install the GUI version of Siri port to other devices you can follow the below link:

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