Developer Refused To Release Fully Functional Siri Port To Non Supported Devices


by casey on October 31, 2011

As we told you earlier that Siri has been ported to iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPad 1 and iPod Touch 3G and iPod touch 4G. It was done by two developers Chpwn and StroughtonSmith. Their port was fully functional and it was able to communicate with Apple servers as well. But what if they are not releasing it to the public?

According to the developer, they will not be releasing it to the public. This is what Chpwn declared on his Twitter account:

It’s not that @stroughtonsmith and I don’t want to share Siri or tell you how to do it; we just can’t. (I also can’t explain why, sadly!) :(


This is of course a bad news. We know people are anxiously waiting for Siri port for non supported devices. Siri, the iOS personal assistant is on a high demand.

Why Developer Refused To Release Siri Port?

Now here is a question why the developer has declined to release Siri port to the public. According to the tweet they don’t want to share it and they just cannot. The reason is not apparent and we can only guess. Chpwn is an active member of the jailbreak community. And the jailbreak community is known for two things; they don’t charge for their jailbreaking tools and they never support piracy.

Chances are that the way they implemented this hack involves Apple code OR any such activity that is illegal and can give Apple the right to legally bound them. Remember the jailbreaking itself is legal as the US court gives the right to users to customize their phone devices in what ever way they want. But still there are things that need to be considered before any hacker or jailbreaker release any such tools.

Fully functional Siri iPod Touch 4g


We are not getting the Siri port from the mentioned developers. We still appreciate their hard work but let us wait for someone else to work on a a fully functional and capable of releasing hack. Stay tuned to We will inform you as soon as any progress is made.

Below is the video proof that have posted previously showing Siri on an iPod touch device:

If you are interested only to install the GUI version of Siri port to other devices you can follow the below link:

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