iPhone 4S Jailbreak Completed! Images Of Cydia With Siri & Mobile Terminal On iPhone 4S


by casey on October 28, 2011

This is huge. iPhone Dev Team has jailbroken iPhone 4S. Famous iOS hacker and iPhone Dev Team’s key member MuscleNerd has tweeted along with screenshots of a jailbroken iPhone 4S device.

One image contains Siri, the iOS personal assistant with Cydia in background. The other image shows iPhone 4S running mobile terminal.

Check out the images of Jailbroken iPhone 4S below:

iPhone 4 S Siri Jailbroken

iPhone 4S mobile terminal

Estimated Time of Arrival:

It is to be noted and good to see they have clarified it themselves that this work is very preliminary and it does not necessarily means that they will release it soon. According to the team a lot of work is still left to complete it.

Remember that Chronic Dev Team is also working on the iPhone 4S jailbreak andiPad 2 jailbreak on iOS 5. Their work has been completed and we are waiting for some announcement. So let us see who go for the public release first. The iPhone Dev Team or the Chronic Dev Team.

We will let you know as soon as they release iPhone 4S Jailbreak. Stay tuned! So who need an iPhone 4S jailbreak ??

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