iOS 5 Golden Master Version For iPhone iPad & iPod Touch Released [Direct Links]


by casey on October 5, 2011

As expected, Apple has released iOS 5 Golden Master version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you not aware what a Golden Master or GM version is, let us explain it to you. Golden Master version is the version that is very similar to the public version release after it. Download links are available below.

You can enjoy all those features in GM version that are going to be present in the upcoming public version of iOS 5. The final public version will be released on October 12.

iOS 5 was announced at World Wide Developer Conference this year. Apple follows its typical style of releasing beta versions to the developers. The betas are only intended for developers that install the firmware on their devices and report bugs. Apple checks these errors and bugs and fix them. In this way, most of the bugs are already fixed before it is released for the public. Nice ?


Download iOS 5 Golden Master Version:

Stay tuned to We will covering on iPhone 4S jailbreak and iOS 5 public version.

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