Happy Birthday To GeoHot, the First To Unlock iPhone, Limera1n Developer & PS3 Jailbreaker


by casey on October 3, 2011

You must have heard this name GeoHot if you even slightly linked to the jailbreaking world. George Francis Hotz as known as GeoHot is a hacker and very first person to unlock the iPhone device, letting it to use un-official network carriers other than AT&T. The young kid is also known for hacking Sony’s PlayStation 3 console and being sued by the company.

GeoHot and his contribution to Jailbreaking and Unlocking:

GeoHot was the first person to unlock iPhone device back in 2007. Hotz hardware based unlock was replaced by the software based unlocking later which does not require any kind of dis-assembly. Later he developed a software based unlock for iPhone’s new Bootloader Version 4.6.

After unlocking the iPhone, he was into jailbreaking Apple devices and came up with a number of tools which includes the Purplera1n, BlackRa1n and LimeRa1n. If you are unaware, purplera1n was the very first public jailbreaking exploit for iPhone 3GS.

He later released Blackra1n for all iPhone and iPod Touch devices followed by Blacksn0w which added more functionalities.

Limera1n is a bootrom level exploit (hardware level). Apple can not revise the hardware to fix it so the exploit is still in use. It is only not working on the very latest Apple devices including the iPad 2 and the upcoming iPhone 5 that are equipped with the revised hardware having A5 chip.

Later, Hotz announced that he was leaving the jailbreaking community as he was doing it for fun and people are taking it more seriously.

George Hotz

GeoHot & PS3 Jailbreak:

Later he appeared from no where and posted root keys of PlayStation3. Sony was shocked to see their highly secure console being hacked by the young kid sued him. The Lawsuit remained a hot topic for many weeks until both parties decided to settle down.

He has contributed a lot for the jailbreaking community. Although he has left jailbreaking apparently but he deserves a thanks. We wish him a happy belated birthday. Its his 22nd.

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