Redsn0w Updated With New Features; No IPSW Selection & Auto Save SHSH Blobs


by casey on September 17, 2011

iPhone Dev Team’s key member MuscleNerd has announced a major update of Redsnow jailbreak tool. The latest Redsn0w removes the requirement to select an IPSW.

The user interface of Redsnow tool has been revamped. Also now it is supported with a lot of new options and features. It divides the functionality in two parts. On the very first screen you are given two options. One provides core feature that is the jailbreaking process while the other option “Extras” provide various other features including fix recovery, tethered boot, Pwned DFU mode (for making the device enter in the DFU mode for restoring custom firmware) and automatic SHSH blobs saving ability. You can see more in the image below. Its good to see all these options back that were in Redsnow before.

redsn0w 0.9.8b5_p8

This is what he has tweeted:

Will be pushing out a major redsn0w feature upgrade before my trip to Korea: (and look, no IPSW selection button!)

Seems like iPhone Dev Team is trying to make it a one click jailbreak tool. Although it can not beat Comex’s JailbreakMe once click jailbreak solution but still its much better than the previous versions of Redsnow.

The tool seems too comfortable for next use as it will fetch and cache important pieces from Apple without requiring you to re-fetch them again.

And yes it will be compatible with iOS 5 beta but for beta version you have to select IPSW as the iOS 5 has not gone public yet.

The updated version of Redsnow will be released before Monday according to MuscleNerd. The tool will be available both for Windows and Mac.Stay tuned to VeryRite for more updates.

UPDATE: Redsnow 0.9.9 Brings No IPSW Selection, Fetch & Verifies SHSH Blobs & Fixes Recovery Mode Features

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