MuscleNerd Visits Apple HeadQuarters In Cupertino! Is He Getting A Job Like Comex?


by casey on September 17, 2011

We do not know since when Apple has started loving iOS jailbreakers. Famous iPhone hacker MuscleNerd has tweeted a picture showing his nickname instead of his real name on a tag. The tag was a pass for MuscleNerd’s visit to Apple’s HeadQuarters in Cupertino.

We are not sure what he was doing there. Just a normal visit or is he getting a job over there? Yes we do not want Apple to hire him as well. First it was Peter Hajas, the developer of MobileNotifier jailbreak app, then they hired the big fish, the iPad 2 jailbreak developer Comex. Now may be its MuscleNerd’s turn. Check out the tweeted image below:

musclenerd visit to Apple

We all know the next device that is iPhone 5 will be too complicated to jailbreak. iPhone 5 is also an A5 based device very similar to iPad 2. We remember iPad 2 remained un-jailbroken until Comex found a PDF vulnerability.

On the other hand, Chronic Dev Team is working on the untethered iOS 5 jailbreak. Most probably it will be a userland and might jailbreak iOS 5 on the A4 devices. But for iPhone 5 and iPad 2, they will need a bootrom level exploit. Comex’s PDF vulnerability was just an exception. May be its the time we need GeoHot back to the jailbreak community.

Check out MuscleNerd’s real picture instead of a pineapple on his face:

MuscleNerd real photo image

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