White iPhone 4? Black iPhone 4? No! Justin Bieber Uses A Red iPhone 4


by casey on September 10, 2011

No its not a white or black iPhone 4. Its the Red iPhone 4 famous pop star Justin Bieber is using. Normally its the girls who likes to use such candy colored iPhone cases. Wonder what color his girl friend Selena Gomez uses. May be a pink iPhone 4.

Seems like the pop star is fond of customizing his phone device. Last time we reported a story that Bieber uses a jailbroken iPhone. If you are still un aware, jailbreaking is making your iOS device out of Apple’s restrictions to install un-approved apps from un-official app stores like Cydia.

red iphone 4

Anyways if you like to use a red iPhone 4 device, you can do it by visit colorware that will convert your iPhone to the color of your choice. You can check their site for different offerings.

We know Apple is not going to offer a red iPhone 4 in near future.Let us see whether it becomes a trend or not. All we know is that he has a huge following.

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