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by casey on September 10, 2011

Great to hear some one is working on Windows Phone 7 jailbreaking.. MetroPack is a new jailbreak app store for Windows Phone 7 devices just like Cydia for iOS devices. MetroPack is developed by Dennis Delimarsky. Remember its not some jailbreaking tool rather its a jailbreak MarketPlace targeting wp7 devices.

MetroPack is a repository based system. Just like Cydia it will offer un-approved apps, tweaks etc to WP7 users. Unlike Cydia, its currently a desktop client.

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WP7 Jailbreak

According to its developer’s site, its first release will consist of the following features:

  • Repositories for third-party XAP packages. If you have a collection of constantly updated Windows Phone applications, you can easily create a repository, host it and share the URL for other MetroPack users. I am not hosting any repositories myself – it is up to the developers to create their own repositories.
  • Update notifications. MetroPack will automatically check the registered repositories for updated packages and will notify the users, if any are available.
  • Easy application deployment. Connect your phone, download and install. That’s it. The only condition would be that your phone must be developer unlocked.
  • Featured content. Every couple of days I will feature specific repositories and packages on the main page.
  • Repository directory. In order to maintain a constant set of new packages, there will be a directory of repositories available for users to add to their list of registered repositories.
  • Categorized application search. It is easy to find the packages you need, because all of them are sorted in categories.

Jailbreak Windows Phone 7

We know Microsoft is much better in dealing with hackers and jailbreakers as compared to Apple. Remember, ChevronWP7 tool was released to jailbreak Windows Phone 7. Later the team was welcomed by Microsoft so they can work together. Wonder how Microsoft is going to act after watching MetroPack. Are they going to welcome Dennis Delimarsky too. Lets see.

Apparently its not available for download. Stay tuned to VeryRite. We will inform you as soon as the developer releases it.

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