Linux On iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch To Be Arrived Soon By Jailbreak Developers


by casey on August 29, 2011

Great news for people who want Linux on their iOS device. A group of jailbreak developers has got success to install the Linux operating system on Apple’s iOS devices. They have made it possible to install Linux on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. One of the team members has tweeted with and an image of Linux running on the iPad device.

This is what @BluerisEN has tweeted. Also check out the image that he has posted:

So, we finally got Linux running on a mirror

linux on ipad

The upcoming work is only compatible with iOS devices having A4 processor inside them. A4 chip based devices include iPhone 4, iPad 1 and iPod Touch 4G. Other than that it will not run Linux on the iPad 2 which is a more sophisticated device having A5 processor.

We will keep you updated on this. We will post as soon as they release anything. Stay tuned to

So who want to run Linux on their iOS device? Even if you do not want, you can still do it just for the sake of fun or you can tell your friend about it.

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