Android Delete Brings Android Style Drag & Drop To Delete Apps To iPhone & iPad


by casey on August 22, 2011

Android Delete is a newly released jailbreak app that makes it possible to drag and drop apps in order to delete them. Such drag and drop to delete feature is available in Android operating system but now you can enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

By default, in order to delete apps, you have to press and hold any app on your iOS device’s home screen. After that all apps goes in a vibrating motion, then you press on the cross button over the icons which results in the removal of that app. On the other hand, Android OS offers a trash icon at the bottom if you press and hold any app. All you need to do is to select it and move it to the trash can in order to delete it.

jailbreak delete apps

delete apps iphone

delete apps iphone

Android Delete makes this drag and drop style feature for deleting apps on your iOS device. We think that just pressing on the cross button is much easier and comfortable than selecting it and redirecting it to the trash. But its just fun having some other OS feature on your iOS device.

With Android Delete, you can also set the speed of animation. The settings panel for this app is too simple. It provides a only two options in it. One is to enable or disable its functionality and the other is to change the speed of the animation.

Android Delete

Android Delete is available for download from Cydia store under BigBoss repository. It should be free although it is not. You can grab it at a price of $1.49.

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