New Jailbreak App PocketMode Detects If iPhone Is In Pocket To Ring Louder


by casey on August 18, 2011

If you don’t want your iPhone device ringing all the time and also don’t want to miss important calls here is a solution for you. PocketMode is a new jailbreak app that detects when your iPhone is in your bag or pocket. It then rings louder if it receives any text or call. As soon as you take your iPhone device out of your pocket or bag, ring volume returns to normal.

Wonder how they have developed this app ? Well there is no rocket science. The app uses sensor to detect amount of ambient light around the device. As soon as your iPhone receives any call, it quickly starts to measure the amount of ambient light. Less light will make this app to ring louder. Ring volume goes normal as soon as you pick it up.

We have tested it for you and it works fine. We have not tested it by switching off the room light and putting the iPhone out of pocket. :D

pocketmode iphone app

pocketmode jailbreak cydia

Remember PocketMode is a jailbreak app which simply means you have to have a jailbroken iOS device in order to install and run this application.

PocketMode is available for download from Cydia Store at a price of $1.49. You can grab it from insanelyi repo for free if you want to try it before you purchase.

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