Jailbreakers Including Saurik, Posixninja, GeoHot, NitoTv Pictured At Def Con 19


by casey on August 6, 2011

Here we have something interesting for you. iOS jailbreakers including Saurik, Posixninja, GeoHot and NitoTv get pictured at Def Con 19. If you are not familiar with DEF CON, its a famous hacking conference arranged every year in Las Vegas.

Jay Walker and nitoTV posted images which includes famous iOS jailbreakers. It includes famous developer Jay Freeman as known as Saurik who is the creator of Cydia, the un-official App Store for jailbreakers.

ios jailbreakers image

image iphone jailbreakers

You can also see George Hotz aka GeoHot, the first person who unlocked the iPhone device back n 2007. He is famous for introducing many jailbreak tools including the Limera1n which is a bootrom exploit. You also remember the famous Lawsuit of him against Sony for jailbreaking Play Station 3.

Other personalities include Posixninja, who is a key member of Chronic Dev Team and famous for the Greenpois0n jailbreak tool. You can also see nitoTV who is famous for jailbreaks for Apple TV device.

Yes in the picture there is no MuscleNerd. But he is there to attend Def con. Although you can see his original picture without jailbreaking PineApple on his face here.

DEF CON 19 is arranged in Las Vegas at Rio Hotel and Casino. iOS jailbreakers in the image are gathered in Posixninja’s hotel room.

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