Want To Know About Chinese Military? Jailbreak Your iPhone


by casey on August 4, 2011

We have already told you how much Chinese love to jailbreak iPhone. Earlier we told you that more than 34.6 of the iOS devices in China are jailbroken. Now when we talk about China, its very obvious that Government is pretty much in charge of many things which even includes web surfing. Remember Google and China conflict due to censorship issue. Google was forced shift Chinese server to Hong Kong. Anyways seems like now they have decided to fully support iOS jailbreaking.

Ministry of National Defense of People’s Republic of China is intended to release their official app named as PLA Daily. Its a news reader. The app targets People’s Liberation of China (PLA) and it seems that the target audience have to jailbreak their devices in order to install this app.

PLA Jailbreak App China

South China Morning Post says:

But there’s a catch: the new app is not available at the official Apple Store. Users who download the PLA app will have to “jailbreak” their iPhone – hack into the operating system – before installing it.

While many government organisations around the world have released iPhone apps, it is almost unheard of for a government organisation to provide “jailbreak-only” software to the public.

It is not clear whether the app was first sent to Apple for App Store and got rejected or not. May be it was rejected by Apple for some reason or they might be directly coming under the jailbreak umbrella.

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  • Anonymous

    Chinese government doesn’t care about foreign companies and foreign intellectual rights. The Chinese government will only care about their own local companies and support piracy.
    1) They block foreign competition, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc to let local firm copy and promote their own products, such as Weibo, KaiXin, etc
    2) When they show on the TV that they crushed pirated DVDs/CDs – those are for show only. You can buy pirated DVDs/CDs a couple street away from where they perform the “show” — I seen that with my own eyes.
    3) Pirated handbags, phones, clothes, watches, movies, softwares, sunglasses etc – they are everywhere in China, especially the big cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, GuangZhou, etc. The Chinese support the locals doing it — and a lot of these products come to US and on sale in some street and shops.

    Even Amazon support piracy — check their website and you will be able to find clone iphones, pirated Chinese phones, fake Gevey Sims, etc.

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