Tiny Umbrella 5.00.07 Released To Save iOS 4.3.5 SHSH Blobs On iPhone & iPad


by Owais on July 28, 2011

Notcom has released an updated version of Tiny Umbrella to save SHSH blobs of iOS 4.3.5. The newTiny Umbrella 5.00.07 can save SHSH hashes of iOS 4.3.5 on iPhone iPad and iPod Touch. Download links for both Mac and Windows are available below.

Anotherprominent feature ofTiny Umbrella 5.00.07 is that it allows you to update youriPhone 4 baseband. You can find more information about it posted here.

Most probably its going to be the last version in iOS 4 series. Those who are on iOS 4.3.3 are advised not to update to any other firmware because 4.3.3 is where the untethered jailbreak exists.

If you are on iOS 4.3.5, you can save SHSH blobs of your iDevice. Its always better to save SHSH because it let you downgrade to previous firmware even if Apple stops signing it.



What are SHSH Blobs?

For the people who are not familiar,SHSH Blob is a signature verification file against Apple Server. It verifies that the iDevice is running the latest version of iOS. Saving SHSH blobs will allow you to restore to previous version. While doing so Apple will stop you doing the restore process. To make this happen you have send a request to different servers which forwards SHSH blobs to iTunes by just showing it that its a new version of iOS. This is how TinyUmbrella oriSHSHIT works to help you save SHSH blobs.

Download TinyUmbrella5.00.05 for Windows & Mac

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  • Rod35hall

    I’m running iOS4.2.1 (jailbroken)right now and I want to update to 4.3.3. Is there a way I can do that with out updating to 4.3.5 first?

  • Olomanolo

    Ipad 64GB 3G: after downgrade to 4.3.3 and received 1013 error, device is still in recovery mode. Fixrecovery43 say smthng like “this device is not dedicated to jailbreak” and nothing happens. Tinyumbrella 5.00.07 after “Exit recovery” doing reboot, and device returned to recovery screen (with itunes logo).
    At this time there is no way to downgrade ipad2 64G 3G to 4.3.3.

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