New Tiny Umbrella Adds Update iPhone 4 Basebands Support


by casey on July 28, 2011

Earlier we posted about the Tiny Umbrella new version which allows you to save SHSH blobs of iOS 4.3.5 on iPhone iPad and iPod Touch. Here is another prominent feature ofTiny Umbrella 5.00.07 that allows you to update your iPhone 4 baseband.

Here is what the developer has updated on his website:

  • First, the version you WANT to restore to and the version Apple is currently signing must BOTH have the same baseband. This is important or else the baseband update will not work and you will get a 10xx error and need to use fixrecovery. (Works for iPhone 4 – will not work for iPad 2)
  • Second, you need to realize that checking the box WILL UPDATE YOUR BASEBAND.
  • Third, I’m working on a simple tool that will allow you to create a pseudo-custom firmware mixing a new baseband with an older iOS version (one that is jailbreakable for example). This feature exists in the TinyUmbrella rewrite but does not yet exist in the older codebase. SORRY! I’m working on it!

update iphone 4 basebands

Remember if you check this option in TinyUmbrella, it will update your iPhone 4 baseband. Also its only for the iPhone 4 device and not capable of working for other devices.

Download TinyUmbrella5.00.05 for Windows & Mac

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