Have Cydia in iPhone ? Apple Stops OTA Updates If Your iOS Device is Jailbroken


by casey on July 24, 2011

Do you have Cydia in iPhone? Means you have a jailbroken iOS device ? More obstacles for jailbreakers by the company. Apple stops you OTA updates if you own a device which has Cydia installed in it or simply to what you call a jailbroken iDevice.

Apple released iOS 5 beta 4 firmware to developers yesterday. The updated firmware includes big fixes. It also includes a prime new feature which is know as OTA or Over The Air updates. Yes they have finally cut the cord. No need to connect your device to the computer using a wire and then connecting to iTunes for the software update.

ipad OTA updates iOS 5

iPhone Dev Team also confirms this news:

It appears that by design, the OTA update that became available starting with iOS 5 beta4 will *not* be automatically applied to jailbroken devices. That is a relief to those who do not want to lose their jailbreak via OTA pushes. If you are jailbroken, you will need to use the standard iTunes method to get to iOS 5 beta4.

This is not for the very first time Apple is showing its anger to the jailbreakers. But what can we do Apple as we love to jailbreak you. Please don’t stop us from loving you!

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  • Mike

    thanks apple. Someone have to stop people who steal iphone apps don’t realizing that they are hurting the small developer that will never grow and will never have money to invest and create better and better apps. Do you complain of a lot of crappy apps on the app store and steal apps from the same guys? you deserve having crappy apps.

  • Adam James Insull

    boooooo i will still jailbreak

  • Rony

    Jailbreak is not about just using cracked apps. It’s about doing whatever i want with this device. Like downloading torrents maybe….. Using SBSetiings, Activator, etc.

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