Apple iPad 3 Parts Leaked By A Taiwanese Website


by Owais on July 14, 2011

iPad 3 parts are reportedly leaked on the web. Taiwanese tech site named has posted images of iPad 3 parts. Remember the website has the history of leaking many Apple products before the the device was even introduced.

The leaked part in this particular instance is a new connector cable with white color tip. The label on it is different from the previous versions of iPad. The one shown by has a label number 821-1259-06? while iPad 2 is labeled 821-1180-A. which made them speculate it as an iPad 3 device’s component. Also they are claiming that the iPad 3 device will also come in both black and white colors just like the iPad 2.

Check out the images posted by them:

iPad 3 leaked parts 1

iPad 3 leaked parts 2

The website has not mentioned the source they have taken this part. It is said to be leaked from Apple’s internal inventory.

Stay tuned to We will be covering more stories on the upcoming iPad 3 and iPhone 5. We know you would love to see any leaked prototype.

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