Install Cracked Apps On iPhone & iPad Without Jailbreak With iResign


by Faheem on July 5, 2011

Ever wondered of installing and running cracked apps on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad , and iPad 2 without Jailbreaking your iDevice ? Well now you can do that. Devs over iModZone have developed a new application “iReSign” which can install cracked .ipa bundles into your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without needing jailbreak.

Working of this application is much simpler than IPA GOD. What iReSign basically do is it signs or resigns .ipa files with Apple’s digital certificate to run them on your iDevice. iReSign works for both iOS 4 and iOS 5 which is still in beta phase.

iResign install cracked apps

You’d be needing Mac OS X 10.6 or above, iReSign which you can download from via iMZDL, most importantly Apple’s Provisioning Profile and digital certificate with a registered UDID device. UDID is basically your iDevice’s unique identification number, you can view it in iTunes by double clicking your serial number, if you’re an iOS developer you can register your device’s UDID from iOS developers portal and if you’re not a Registered Apple iOS Developer you can get your device registered with Apple’s Provisioning Profile and digital certificate from here for $15.

Download your desired application’s cracked .ipa files from web and save them preferably on Desktop. Run iReSign and browse downloaded cracked .ipa file which you want to sign or resign. In the second field you’ll put Keychain Access for certificate For Example:iPhone Developer: Mike Fletcher (I7U4261P80). Click “Resign” button, now the app will start signing or resigning your .ipa file. After the completion of process your .ips file would be ready, simply drag and drop it in iTunes and sync your device with iTunes, if everything goes well you’ll have your App on your iDevice’s homescreen.

Here’s a video of this whole process for your better understanding:

Disclaimer: does not encourage you to install cracked apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The above article is written only for the educational purpose. We are just passing it as a news story. Use it at your own risk. We always recommend you to use official Apple App Store.

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  • Shawal10

    I would rather jail break than spend 15 bucks…,..

  • Corbinb16

    So…it’s not really free if you need to pay 15 bucks.

  • Nima0102

    Thanks for your sharing.
    Does this method work on iOS 5 ?

    Thanks in advance

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