iPad Now Has 100,000 Apps, Still You Want Cydia & Jailbreak iPad 2?


by casey on June 30, 2011

Here is great news. iPad now has more than 100,000 Apps in the iPad App Store. In March, it reached almost 75,000 apps reaching this figure in almost one year since the launch of iPad 1. Now it has one hundred thousand. The count includes both the apps that are developed only for the tablet device and the ones that can be also installed on iPhone or iPod Touch devices.

Below is an image provided by MacS:

iPad apps jailbreak

Jailbreak Apps & Cydia:

Apart from the official Apple Apps Store, you can enjoy a lot of applications from Cydia, which is a jailbreak app store by Jay Freeman. We know many of you just love Cydia, but this jailbreak store and jailbreak apps are only available for iPad 1 and there is no jailbreak for iPad 2 device.

You Still Need Cydia and Jailbreak Apps ?

The question is why you still need Cydia and jailbreak if you already have more than one hundred thousand apps in the Apple App Store ??We know you will say there is a lot of cool stuff we can do with jailbreak apps that is not possible with the apps in the App Store. But still there are 100,000 apps and no one can say that all of them are not cool. So do you still need jailbreak for iPad and specially the upcoming jailbreak for iPad 2 ???

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  • oposum

    Cause in Cydia and more important in Installous (most) apps are free.

  • This is a test

    MiWi on demand.

  • Deniskn95

    To be honest I never downloaded any themes on my I phone, ipod touch and ipad2 (which is not jailbroken yet) and all reason I needed jb for is installous.
    Sry if my txt doesn’t make sence, my English is bad :).

  • NoBrainSite

    Cause you can get free apps from installious,

  • Jimmy

    Yes, I still need to jailbreak. iOS doesn’t natively support OpenVPN.

  • Neo1331

    Truely, if you have to ask why we need a Jailbreak for iPad 2…you will never understand…

  • Davidevan84

    Is not the apps for alot of people that make cydia its the tweaks. Theres alot of things you can do with springboard etc that really makes this ipad alot better. Expecially things like retinapad that make iphone/touch more usable on an ipad are the icing on the cake.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UFTTM2I47II3JU2QGBKUKE5NEI CY

    Mywi on demand hotspot.

  • monkers

    For precisely the reason you state, Cydia gives you control
    of your device that Apple seems to think it has a right to withhold. Complete
    customisation in appearance, control and day to day use. When Microsoft bundled
    only IE with Windows everybody was up in arms about big brother forcing us to
    use its products without giving us an alternative. Cydia IS the alternative to
    native Apple. IPad 2 jailbreak will come and people will use it, IOS is
    seriously restrictive, I can’t even have different user accounts for members of
    my family so no privacy on emails etc. Perhaps if Apple relaxed their grip and
    almost belligerent hold on what is in and out of the App Store things might
    change, till then..Viva la revolution

  • http://twitter.com/melissajhogan Melissa Hogan

    We need the jailbreak for iPad 2 specifically for apps like IncarcerApp and Locktopus. Many children with special needs use the iPad and it is such a shame that Apple has not realized the need for customization for these kiddos. The ability to keep them in or out of apps/folders can help them focus on the educational uses instead of the fun apps which can be used later. I’m sure there are many other Cydia apps that might make the iPad more useful to children with special needs as well. Hopeful that the jailbreak comes out soon!

  • johnny

    I agree that there are loads of cool apps from iTunes store, but they are not free. LOL! But by jail breaking, you can get almost all apps available in iTunes store for free. That’s more than what you say “COOL” here. And of course, loads of twicks that should be include in iphone, like creating photo albums, delete unwanted photos without iTunes. So, in deed, every one should jail-break their iPhone , iPad or iPod touch. I 100% support jailbreaking.

  • BaloErets

    “The question is why you still need Cydia and jailbreak if you already have more than one hundred thousand apps in the Apple App Store ?? ”

    Very simple. Cydia isn’t about Apps at all.It’s all about tweaks and customization.

  • tz

    The problem is all the stupid crippling of iOS. For example, the brightness needs to be adjusted. Jailbreak and I can use a gesture or button anywhere (left or right on the statusbar for me) to change it. I can use a real GPS on my device – when I need it like when I’m in the middle of nowhere with no access points.

    Maybe the 100,000 apps are cool, but they are each their own sandbox – If I walk into sunlight, I won’t be able to see the screen on any of them. I will have to exit to do other basic configuration. And I’m stuck with the lame homescreen and folders Apple shoves down everyone’s throat. Where would I put them?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Dietsche/100001960144219 William Dietsche

    yes we for apps like rentna pad and this other cool app tweak that allows for two iphone apps at once

  • Jailbreakit

    Yes because there are so many cool things you can do on a jailbroken iPad….such as playing Super nintendo roms using a wii remote.

  • Moslem

    Of course I want my iPad 2 jailbreak. I want MyFi and Installous so I don’t have to pay a **** for any of those 100,000 apps you speak of. I also want backgrounder and to be able to theme my iPad the way I want it and not the way apple wants it with winterboard.

  • Bob

    Its not choosing one over the other. Jailbreaking has the app store too.
    Although most people just want a jailbreak to get all the apps in the app store for free…yeah.

  • calgary11

    A short answer to this is YES.
    For multiple reasons but the more obvious one was mentioned in this article, and I Quote “there is a lot of cool stuff we can do with jailbreak apps that is not possible with the apps in the App Store” Unquote

  • Andyaser

    The thing is, I dont want just apps. I want tweaks, special themes, and other things that I absolutely need, no matter what. Sure, I like the apps on the app store, but why can’t I get a free alternative to a paid app on Cydia, like Macman?

  • Alloysca

    It’s not so much about the apps, by jailbreaking you make your iOS experience including the use of those 100.000+ apps more enjoyable. As a matter of fact Peter Hajas who designed a notification system for the iPhone is now working on the new iOS/iPhone notifications.

  • Nonarkitten

    Jailbreaking is as much about freedom as it is anything else. If I own a car, I can install a turbo, if I want to. If I own a house, I can strip off all the siding and put on stucco. If I own a pair of jeans I can rip them up to make them cool. But my iPad? I can only do what Apple and their moral filters let me do, and even if three was not one app in the ‘Cydia Store’ that I wanted, I’d still jailbreak it.

  • Marcus72ch

    If Apple would not be so restrcitive to some sort of Apps no Jailbreaks would be needed. I do not need stuff like installous, I will pay for the Apps I use since there were people spending hours and hours to create them. But why does Aplle restrict me to send native SMS and MMS from my iPad when it is allowed by my Carrier? Or why won’t the allow me to Theme my Pad in the way I want it to look? Why do they restrict Facetime and others to Wifi when I have an unlimited 3g Plan?….

    These and more are the points why we / I still need the Jailbreak to install Apps which the iPhone / iPad should have already when send out from the factory, but it doesn’t.

    And when Comex is done with his new Jailbreak, he might have again a look on his Frash, which will bring us Flash back to the iPad (another thing that should be working already right out of the box)

  • GoComexGo

    You can use flash with jailbroken ipads you can fix iphone apps that still havnt been converted to ipad apss to full screen without losing your resolution you can get free paid apps without spending your money to find out it was a crap app you can customize it more directly to your prefences and just monkey around without having apples rediculous amount of restrictions… if you can get more out of something you paid 800 bucks for, for free, you would do it too right? What sense does it make to hvae the technology to do 500 different things and restrict it to 20

  • Aldellas

    As long as the app to use iPad as a phone (developed in middle east) and the one to create widgets (developed in Switzerland) are available only on Cydia, the jailbreak is a must!

  • tanchinwoo

    The trouble with Apple apps in AppStore is that you cannot try to see if you like the features, you can only read the biased notes from the developers. Further more if there are few competing apps from various developers it will be even more confusing to choose the best one that suit you. Let’s say there 4 to choose from, it is not possible to buy all even each would cost about US$4.99 and then you would only use one eventually you find out best suit your needs.

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