iPhone & PlayStation Jailbreaker GeoHot Now Works At Facebook


by cM Boy on June 27, 2011

Wonder what this genius kid is up to these days?? Famous iPhone and PlayStation hacker and jailbreaker GeoHot is now working for the biggest social network Facebook. WOW that is huge!  Last time we have heard his intention to jailbreak latest iPad 2 device after being teased by Chronic Dev’s Joshua Hill. But is he not working for the iPad 2 jailbreak ??? Apparently Yes! As now he is working at Facebook.

This is what the status on GeoHot’s Facebook profile says:

is Facebook is really an amazing place to work…first hackathon over.

geohot facebook profile

If you require more proofs, here is another one. Yesterday, in a live stream conducted by MyGreatFest, it has been confirmed by Chronic Dev Team member Joshua Hill (p0aixninja) that GeoHot is now working for Facebook. Check out the video below:

GeoHot Left Jailbreaking ??? GeoHot Doing What in Facebook ?

If he has really left the jailbreaking scene, definately many of you are going to miss him. George Hotz as known as GeoHot started from unlocking iPhone device which was a hardware based solution. After that he released many jailbreaking tools. His famous one is Limera1n, which is a bootrom level exploit and is still used in the current jailbreaking tools. After that he went to PlayStation 3 jailbreaking and released PS3 jailbreak for firmware 3.55. Sony getting fierece after watching their console being hacked, sued him. The controversial lawsuit remained headline of many news stories. After settling down with Sony, he wa again disappeared from the scene. Last time we have heard that he might jailbreak the iPad 2 device. And now, he is in Facebook. No one form the Facebook officials have confirmed this report. Rumors says that he is working on some “secretive new iPad app

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