Jailbreak Me 3.0 iPad 2 Jailbreak On 4.3.3


by casey on June 24, 2011

Yes we all know that we have come close to get an iPad 2 jailbreak. Its Comex who will release jailbreak for iPad 2 using JailbreakMe 3.0. There were rumors about its arrival on Wednesday. The developer has already confirmed that its almost ready. We have posted many articles about its possible arrival. All we know he is fixing some issues related to it which is causing the delay. Remember the word delayed we used does not mean its delayed for months. Its just a delay of few days.

This is what he has tweeted: ”

yeah, I’d love to fix unionfs but if I can’t fix all my issues with it by tomorrow, it’s cut

(my mentions are divided between people saying “take your time” and “please hurry”)


ipad2jailbreak image

iPad 2 jailbreak using JailbreakMe 3.0 will support iOS 4.3.3 firmware. Remember iOS 5 will not be supported by JailbreakMe 3.0. All the firmware versions starting from iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 4.3.3 will be supported. Those of you who have installed iOS 5 beta on their iPad 2 device are advised to downgrade back to iOS 4.3.3.

After reading his tweets, seems like Sunday is going to be Funday but there are no confirmations. If he releases it without fixing all known bugs, definitely users are going to get angry after using it. On the other hand, most of them are insisting him to just release it as soon as possible.

Your opinion is important to us. Would you give him some time to fix the bugs or you just need it as soon as possible. Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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Update:iPad 2 Jailbreak JailbreakMe 3.0 OFFICIALLY RELEASED For Untethered iOS 4.3.3

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  • Ian

    Take his time, and get it right

  • http://twitter.com/hitboy18 obaid rahman

    we just need jailbreak for ipad2 ..bugs., fixes would easily carried out with updates

  • Gagsdude91

    Do it fast !i want jailbreak now!

  • The Fonze

    TROLOLOLOLOLOL… I hope it gets released soon!

  • Warick

    Release it!

  • Gal Sadeh2

    Comex should release his jailbreak with a warning that it is not complete and has bugs and also release a note on all the bugs and how they will effect me. Afterwards he should keep fixing the bugs and updating the software one in a while not worrying about all the annoying comments

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EKVCAYZIFUPPW5GVL4A6D2ZV5U Jojo M

      Gal,, please jailbreak your devices by yourself,,, somebody is doing all the work for free and youre still demanding like you pay there salary. So if you’re not paying for there salary and only gettin a free ride,,**********. let them do their job on their own time and ask politely,else ,,do it yourself and let us ************* for not being able to JB.

  • Raisabladez

    Do it Comex! We believe in you brother! Do it the right way, hopefully the wait is over by weekends, good luck! Be patient people! That’s our hope, otherwise we can’t do *hit…

  • Kenrickyuan

    Everyday, I go on Jailbreakme.com ton hope that it’s done. However, i do not want to rush it and contain many bugs, for it will be very frustrating and annoying. Besides, I love the moment I go on jailbreakme.com and wish to see if it’s not that same picture again. If they release it now, I won’t get to enjoy that feeling afterwards ^^

  • Ruddyrum

    Just release the dam thing already. People will still complain either way, so may aswell release it into the open and update as required

  • Matt

    That’s a good question… I’d say it depends on how serious the bugs are and how far it’d be delayed. If there were a few not too serious bugs that needed to be fixed, I wouldn’t mind waiting another week or tops… Anything longer than that though, would have me ripping hair out of my head.

  • Ah2000mad

    Please reals it as soon as possible

  • Barryjameschurchill

    I wants it!!! lol

  • 309149247@qq.com

    Just do it)^o^(^-^)n

  • Dhav79

    Take your time Comex, but try to release it soon!

  • TejeroCav

    We’ve waited long enough…might as well get it right before releasing.

  • ANon

    Is anyone surprised? Really? Yet another failed promise. These guys probably can’t do it…. Just doing this so their name isn’t forgotten.

    • You have no respect

      This is frustration talk you have there “ANon”!!! Why are you saying things like that, this guy (Comex) provided the whole community with jailbreaks that always worked on all the idevices, now you “*****” are criticizing the person that has always worked for FREE!!!!! in order to give all user with their iphone, ipad etc…. to give us the possibility to use our devices beyond its limited capacity! Why don’t you try to create a JB for my iPad 2 4.3.3??? You think its easy?? Well you are not reasonable posting such a provocative comment, people like you should pay to get the JB so your comment would be in a way tolerated, so for as long as it’s provided for FREE you should keep really quite and stop posting ignorant comments like this!!

      Have a great day!

    • http://twitter.com/wiserjoe727 Joe Toennis

      well what if i was working on one right now its a bootrom exploit for ipad 2

  • EmersonT503

    It would be the same as waiting for an update.. if the jb wouldnt be running right … so mind as well wait till he fixes the bugs ..

  • Trannytravis

    Now now now now now!

  • Ram2chat

    I think he should just release it and while the public is using it, he could take his time to fix the bugs and release the update and then we could overwrite our first jailbreak with the update. n

  • Azzovlupo

    Will this work on iPhone 4 on 4.3.2 and will it effect my contract

  • Devin

    I dont even care even they release it anymore bought an ipad2 first day of release, started getting tired of waiting, go so pissed went out and bought an android tablet,and know I dont even use my ipad

  • Me

    Please hurry up and take your time!u00a0 LOL!

  • OH_my_cod

    I think what makes it worse is people like posix etc saying it will be ‘weeks’ etc and we get our hopes up lol i say finish it the right way, dont give yourself a bad name and release a *hit unfinished jailbreak just because peeps cant w8! (i personally wouldnt give u a bad name as my 1st jailbreak was spirit then jbme) i loved it!

  • Dew12131

    Take his time, and get it right.

  • Dude741

    HHe obviously has a functional jailbteak. I say release the functional one and mess with unionfs for future releases. The iPad 2 needs a jailbreak. I’m sure I’m not the onlyone who wants to run all the resale that jailbreaking provides. I’m all for a faster jailbreak, but how about releasing a jailbreak fast.

  • Gwhitetogers

    he should just release it updates later on will fix the bugs, remember, when the first jailbreaks were released they had bugs off the chart this is a new device they are jailbreaking, they need to release it, everything has bugs in it when its released

  • YouIdiot

    Bro you are *uc*ing demanding! You dont want a free coupon to get a free coffee at Star*ucks with that!!nnWhy dont you start working for the community for free as you seem to have a great devotion for that kind of work!!

  • Lee

    If it is not released this weekend, my iPad goes on eBay.nnWe have been promised so much, and delivered so little.nnDon’t promise if you cannot deliver!nnWhy do a ‘Funday’ release if it’s ready the day before?! It’s pointless, as I won’t get it until Midday Monday being in the GMT timezone!nnWould you call the police two days after you have had your house broken into? Exactly. Stop being lame and give us what we want. :)

    • BaloErets

      You haven’t been promised anything at all and he owes us nothing. How often do game releases get delayed… by months, years sometimes. And they still have bugs in them in the end, and we p*ss and moan like babies.

      Stop being such a spoilt brat. There is life beyond instant gratification.

    • Test

      Wow you really are a piece of trash. u00a0Give away your iPad and go live in a hole. u00a0You don’t deserve to have even have the pleasure of living on Earth.nnBetter yet, go live at the unemployment office where you belong,

    • Bangramo

      @dc9757e19cf0f01d9a1005e86edfeec7:disqushope you don’t ask the waiter at a cafe and ask for your food before its ready
      you will be lucky to get a cooked meal

      since you no longer want your ipad ill buy it i have 1 already my 2 year old kid wants one tooand she is patient enough to wait for the release of the jailbreak when its ready

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EKVCAYZIFUPPW5GVL4A6D2ZV5U Jojo M

      Lee,, go sell your ipad on ebay.. thats a great idea.u00a0 you promised so,, you must deliver ok?

  • Bertino311

    Since he is the only one releasing a jailbreak for the iPad 2, of course it should be done right the first time. To just throw out a half as s’ed jailbreak and then have his twitter page dumped on by ******* who don’t keep up with warnings and bug posts, would be retarded. If you want a jailbreak, and are bored with the ipad2…try finding the right links to upgrade to iOS 5 without the developer approval, and just downgrade when it’s done.

  • Ishpreetdhingra

    comex my star pls release it without unionfs you ncan bring it later by a update and keep working hard you will succeed even more

  • Abdulaziz Al-Harbi

    Take you time ?

  • Justinbadus

    Take your time bud. If people can’t wait get a iphOne and jailbreak that. Peace I’m out!

  • Guest

    What ungrateful ******. All of your examples don’t apply and simply don’t make sense. They don’t really benefit from giving the public a free jb. They really should charge just to shut all you ungrateful ***** up a little.

  • Khaledizer

    @Comex is saying that the JB is completed but he is making it just quicker!! So he ahould release it and take his time to add the new feature…nPLZ @Comex we need this JB badly!!nWe appreciate your hard work..

  • Robert

    @dc9757e19cf0f01d9a1005e86edfeec7:disqusu00a0 dont be a douche. they are give us a great ha8king tool for free. youu00a0wouldn’tu00a0slap **************** would you?

  • Runduh

    Hello Comex, I am veryu00a0appreciatedu00a0your hard work, but please stop JB optimization after 2 day of the Ipad 2 release it was JB and for last 3 months is only optimized for speed, foru00a0comparabilityu00a0with FW’s with other devices. u00a0May be now time to stop and release special for IPAD 2 and later optimize for months or years for what you decide. u00a0Thank you again Runduh.

  • Syamsul Azmir

    Take your time for your hardship. I will wait patiently

  • Ahmedipuae

    Take ur time bro, we just want it right ;)

  • Bambong

    I’ll say, it’ll probably out this weekend…man, I can’t wait…hey lee, i’ll buy you ipadn

  • Water_clear

    I say take his time to do it right. do you want apple to release a not so ready product and messed up your user experience? same go for this. He is doing us a free service. No pressure man (even though i really want it too hahah)

  • Lafrider29

    i see the points on both ends.u00a0 he should make sure its perfect before release so people can just jailbreak and tweak away with no issues but on the other hand, even if its not perfect and is released he can just fix the bugs with updates so people can get their jb fix, like me lol.u00a0 either way there will be a jb soon.u00a0

  • Karaokeman2002

    Face it Apple have made the Ipad 2 impossible to Jailbreak, so many promises of a jailbreak and teasers but nothing !!! Just Give up and realise that its still the best Tablet out there. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN !!!!

  • Edward_Hyde

    I am just grateful for Comex for doing this. He should release it whenever HE feels it’s ready.Nota moment sooner just because a bunch of impatient whiners cannot wait.

  • Karaokeman2002

    I am a hardware and pc enigineer and also write software for business and a certain hardware manufactures, believe me that the only way to jailbreak the ipad 2 is gonna be with a piece of clever hardware that plugs into the charge/data port. There will never be a software jailbreak for ipad 2 on any firmware ever !!! But there is a way to unlock the 3g/wifi version. Comex and the devs team should stop wasting peoples time and admit defeat !!!!

    • The truth

      I’m a space cowboy with a phd in astro-geography believe me when I say that anyone can makenbs up on the internet and claim anything so **** and ************* :)

    • You’re Wrong

      Clearly you are wrong, because it was jailbroken shortly after its release. It just wasn’t distributed publicly.

  • Karaokeman2002

    Saying that The Ipad 2 is a great Tablet and all it need to complete its total domination is FLASH support. You may have noticed that apple is now stealing all the jailbroken programs and officially implementing them in ios5. You see all good things come to those who wait. The best example is using the volume buttons for taking photos, it wasnt long ago that a certain software developer was told that this was inproper use of the buttons and would conflict with apples rules and regulations that the buttons would be used in a non standerd way, which now we all nknow was rubbish because they have stolen the idea and implemented it in ios 5. The are trying to monopolise the market for iphone just like microsoft did with windows, mark my words the day will come when apple will have its day in court and then the iphone os will be able to support any app from any company.

    • Andy Zhao

      The thing is, karaokeman, Apple hates Flash. After they released the iPad and people saw there was no Flash on it, people were saying, “stupid Apple, you shouldn’t have done that..” But what do you know? apps were released for certain websites, the .h264 video format started getting more and more common, and web developers started converting their webpages to HTML 5.nu00a0 I do agree, however with your second point. I have purchased some cydia tweaks and apps that are now included in ios 5. I think that the only reason that people were angry with apple for this was that the things they implemented in ios were originally tweaks in cydia that costed money, like wifi tethering and notifications.nHowever, if jailbreak developers go to court in Apple, they’d probably lose. After all, they’re putting tweaks and apps on a JAILBREAK app store that they don’t approve of. The government is borderline with their agreement to make jailbreaking legal. It might even backfire on the developers, for Apple could add to the case their complaints of the pirated apps. And this is if the developers actually DO make a case against apple. they might be worried that if they do, Apple would know the device serial number and remove their warranties.nThe difference between apple and microsoft is that the software apple makes is made for their own devices. Not only is their software very simple, versatile, and easy to use, but they made their extraordinary OSes (is that os plural??) for extraordinary devices, unlike microsoft with their crappy, half-baked windows that pc makers had to adapt to. i know i sound like an apple fanboy by now, but i think this is the truth

    • http://www.facebook.com/torry.murray Torry Murray

      “unlike microsoft with their crappy, half-baked windows that pc makers had to adapt to”
      I guess it’s still cool to bash Microsoft, huh? Do you know why Apple only makes operating systems for their specific hardware? It’s easier to make sure that everything runs as intended when there is little variation in hardware to support. Microsoft’s operating system has to run on every piece of crap system that someone pieces together out of hand me down CPU’s and motherboards. Then it also has to be able to run on hardware that doesn’t even exist yet. Of course Window’s is not always going to do everything for everyone, on every piece of hardware. But it does the job enough for most, and that’s what counts. Not everyone can afford a $1700 mid range machine.

      Now with all that said, I would hope that this freelance developer and Jailbreak master take his time. Everyone else, just be ready. Don’t update your systems, or do anything else that would cause you to miss jumping on the Jailbreak train. Those of you who have been doing this for a while know what I am talking about.

  • LibanFlyer

    I agree 100%.

  • Steve Jobs

    I am Steve jobs And i say hurry up!

  • Vincentturnersogeti

    cant wait. have been refreshing tweets and articles every five minutes last few weeks

  • Computerdesk

    Depends really on how bad the bugs are; They can be corrected with updates obviously. But if they’re major bugs that are frusterating it wouldnt be worth releasing anyways.

  • Kenny

    He should release it and fix bugs later on…

  • Andy Zhao

    Remember guys…the more time Comex takes sorting out bugs, the less iPad 2 owners will be mad at him for, say, a big scr3w-up that he didnt foresee. he wants his exploit to be perfect (there’s no big need to fix unionfs; its only to make the jailbreak quicker/better) u00a0nnOn the other hand, i do wish my ipad 2 was jailbroken. If i were more viol3nt (which i’m not), i would say something like this: “IF YOU DONT RELEASE THAT JAILBREAK BY TOMORROW, I’LL SLIT YOUR THROAT AND HANG YOU ON A DOORNAIL IN YOUR BATHROOM!”. No pressure.

    • Anon

      It does not make sense. Why should ipad owners be mad at him???? this JB is for free and these people has no right get mad. THE NERVE!!!!

  • Sks998

    Take your time…

  • Pianohawk

    release it ASAP! u00a0

  • http://twitter.com/mkint0x Aqeel Ahmed

    Make important bug fixes or just release a beta version for ‘Hurry up’ guys.

  • Bob


  • Cdawg84

    I’ve been waiting so long already that another week won’t kill me.u00a0 i want my ipad to run right so id say fix the bugs. it’ll make me happier in the long run.

    • Smothycorracan

      Download a diarrhea app

  • george craig

    take your time

  • GenZ

    What the Hell…many of you guys just an impatient person that can’t even wait until comex ready to publish his hard work…you guys just want to get something free and still keep pushing the person who try his best to give a free stuff for you guys…ckckckckck…what a pathentic person you are…cuih….

  • Elnenedeldr

    Take is time but pls do your best we waiting do it right. :)

  • Azreen2728

    Agree on that too, take his time n make sure everything is perfect

  • Ahsansubhan

    I think a few more days wont hurt as long we have a bug free jail break…. :D

  • Rahbarensan

    I prefer to wait . I want to install as safe jailbreak. thanks

  • Lance

    Thought i want it ASAP, but if it’s more stable would be better,
    so, just take your time …

  • Sasan89

    Take all the time you need because we have been waiting for so long, and we don’t want any bugs at the release because after releasing, apple will surely try to fix the bugs innthe os and having an unfinnished jailbreak means pain in the long time, so take your time buddy!

  • Todark4goblins

    Let the guy take his time and fix the bugs he’s doing all the hard work and I’m sure he wants his jailbreak to be perfect so just chill and let comex work his magic as he has done in the past.nnThanks for the hard work comex.

  • Andrewrchan

    Depends what the bugs are. If they are major bugs which would screw-up your iPad or would require it be tethered then obviously keep working on it.

    If they are minor bugs, the go ahead and release it and provide updates at a later point in time.

  • Pr3DaToR15

    Take your time Comex,don’t listen to the people.
    You provide the best jailbreak!( slide to jailbreak).
    Since my power button is broken I ve been Waiting for this for months.
    You are doing a great job!Keep fixing bugs and maybe you will also release it as fast as you can!

  • Zack

    Take ur time don’t want it messing up my ipod

  • Bthoughts

    Makes me wonder how many people bought iPad 2 in hopes of a jailbreak?

  • Matthewdlcrz

    Let him do what he needs to do

  • TJ007

    please release it… waiting is tooooooo much

  • http://twitter.com/wiserjoe727 Joe Toennis

    just letting you peeps know i am working on ipad 2 jailbreak i think its bootrom which is good

  • Karaokeman2002


  • Karaokeman2002

    There were rumours that this jailbreak for IPAD 2 would be released today, but you will see all these promises will never be fulfilled because it is not possible to jailbreak the Ipad 2 with software !!!!!

  • Tu Pham

    Seeing that we’ve waited this long, what difference is an extra day or two? People have reputations to uphold!

  • Frank06785

    Itd be best if he would release it early. So that users can try it for themselves and find any bugs or glitches he might have not seen. Either way he can release updates to fix these problems. Theres no need to wait any longer.

  • Cal3star

    i want to see a demo with the jb , i cant believe you anymore….sorry

  • guest

    Take time I think. Its no good rushing then having to do work on it again cause people want it quick then say that it’s faulty. Im happy to wait.

  • Karaokeman2002

    Oh dear Geohot is now working for facebook and has left the jailbreaking scene, like I said there will not be a jailbreak for the ipad 2, its now left in the hands of comex as they were in a contest for the first one to dump the ipad 2 rom and to this day neither have suceeded !!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EKVCAYZIFUPPW5GVL4A6D2ZV5U Jojo M

    why dont you do it yourself,, and demand yourself to jailbreak it now. Leave them alone to do their job. They’re the best bunch in doing JB jobs,, and a lot got the fruits of their hard waork already,, so ……

  • Stecal2004

    What a tosser!!! nWhoops sorry I forgot, we all know the invaluable amount of work Gal Sadeh2 has put out for all to use, And done it for free!!! All them hours, days and months spent ironing out things what we don’t even begin to understand, so that we can hack our IPads.nSo the scene should listen to what this parasite has to say and follow his demands cos his word goes.nnThanks for all your doing comex, and you do what you want dude!!

  • Tony

    Take your time to get it right please

  • David

    When we do this new jailbreak will it still delete everything??

  • Uae Knight

    Take your time and release it in its perfect form, but put in your mind millions of people “if not billions” are waiting for it and we all waited so please do not disappoint us :)

  • Bishob Fadoy

    i need it

  • Emanuel

    i’m waiting too…. take your time… and get it right

  • gericho

    im waiting tooo

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