Chinese Teen Offering Her Virginity For An iPhone 4


by casey on June 23, 2011

People are still mad for Apple devices. We have already seen people trading their kidneys to get iPhone. This one is big. A Chinese teen is offering her virginity if someone gets her an iPhone 4. Crazy ? According to a report by Korea Herald, a Chinese teen has published an ad in which she is willing to lose her virginity to a person who will buy her an iPhone 4 device.

The teen has also posted on Weibo an image of herself with some personal info. Weibo is you can say a Chinese Twitter. According to the girl, its her “dream to own an iPhone 4,” but her father is not allowing to get one. Of course she is getting a lot of comments full of criticism.

Few months back, we have seen a 17 year kid bought an iPad and a phone after selling his one kidney for 22,000 yuan ($3,400). Insane ? Rite ?

i love apple

Significance of materialism among the youth is rising and making them go for such crazy acts. There are hundreds of other ways you can earn money. All you need is to be pick up a target and consistency in your efforts.

Your opinion is important to us. Share your thoughts by commenting below. Hope you are not going to buy her an iPhone ?

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  • Ess Wasim

    It is actually very sad for all of those people who are conscious of God and sad for parents who want their daughters be free from harm sad for those lovers who love their girl with their hearts, and sad for the world. For a phone a virgin teen will can loose her virginity to any man on this earth , it is so crazy , I mean any man who gives her iPhone , just wow , another evil is possible a man who is crazy of having a virgin girl can do anything to reach her , even steal r rob money to buy one … Just it is pu evil

  • Abc

    Damn good idea. you go girl!

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