JailbreakMe iPad 2 Jailbreak? Comex Teases JailbreakMe 3.0


by casey on June 12, 2011

Famous iPhone kernel hacker Comex has teased the arrival of JailbreakMe. We are expecting it to be an iPad 2 jailbreak. The developer has updated JailbreakMe.com website with an image of snow and skating place with a PDF signboard on the tree. We can not say anything for sure as right now its just a teaser. Hopefully it will be the iPad 2 jailbreak.

This is what he has tweeted:

comex jailbreame ipad - 1

comex jailbreame ipad - 2

Then he Retweeted VeryRite.com’s Tweet:

comex jailbreame ipad - 3

This is what Comex has uploaded on JailbreakMe.com:

Jailbreakme.com Comex

Is JailbreakMe really an iPad 2 jailbreak exploit?

Most probably its going to be a jailbreak for iPad 2. Reason is very simple. iOS 4.3.3 is already jailbroken and there is no purpose of releasing another 4.3.3 untethered jailbreak solution. Apple has also released iOS 5 beta for which iPhone Dev Team has already released Redsn0w 0.9.8b1 to jailbreak it, although its tethered. They will wait for Apple to release iOS 5 final version before they release untethered iOS 5 jailbreak. The only device which is left is the iPad 2 which does not have any tethered / untethered jailbreak. So we are guessing it to be an iPad2 Jail break. What do you say?

You opinion is important to us. Share your thoughts by commenting below. Also give a shout if you really need an iPad2 jailbreak.

We will update this story if we find any progress on it. We will also be updating as soon as they release iPad 2 jailbreak. So stay Tuned!

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Update:iPad 2 Jailbreak JailbreakMe 3.0 OFFICIALLY RELEASED For Untethered iOS 4.3.3

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  • Anonymous

    I sure hope it is!

  • Mohammad Faisal

    i gave up and iphone 4 just to get an ipad 2 thinkin they would be able to jailbreak it =/

    • Carl

      lol more fool you then

  • Snyper_08

    Please release the iPad 2 jailbreak for IOS 4.3.3 dear developers…thanks!

  • Christ

    More and more convinced that the guys are on Apple’s payroll- or special agreements made not to release a JB yet. iTunes store is too big business. Wait and see for now.

    • Cannibal

      Brilliant observation. If they were interested in ‘deals’ they would have charged for jailbreaks prior to now

    • Lord Shinigami

      Everybody’s got a price (not just money); it’s just a matter of finding what it is.

  • Lol

    My iPad2 is still a massive paper weight without jailbreak

    • Cannibal

      Seriously? Jailbreak will be awesome, but to say it’s a paperweight? Why would you buy it in the first place

  • KaiserSoze

    Oh I hope Sunday is FunDay!!!

  • Jezuzchana

    I really need an iPad 2 jailbreak

  • Infernal

    Keen on jailbreak, when I iPad 2, Mr Steve Jobs make me stay, Keen on jailbreak, don’t say no no, When I met you, make me stay, keen on jailbreak. Keen on JAILBREAK!

  • Nivrad6Dman

    I think that comex wants some attention to all those jailbreak lovers out there. nn

  • Robert Elg

    I need jailbreak for ipad 2!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a pretty good plan to me dude. Hefck yeah.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow nice.

  • Bordeianu_andrei_alexandru

    . I need jailbreak i need it now i need infinity dock on my ipad 2 and instaullousnComex please be quick and hey thanks for the time spent on doing this

  • Jesse

    I leave to China on Tuesday. u00a0I bought the ipad 2 for entertainment on the flight and it is very limited without JailBreak. u00a0That’d be nice if it gets released before I get on the plane!

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