iPad 2 Jailbreak Named Elevat0r Teases By 4.3.3 Jailbreak Developer


by casey on June 4, 2011

The iPad 2 users are anxious to get a jailbreak for their devices. So different ha*kers are trying their luck to jailbreak iPad 2. Stefan Esser as known as i0n1c, is teasing this term “Elevat0r” which is said to be an iPad 2 jailbreak exploit. The term Elevat0r is teased again and again by Esser and his fellows.

If you are unaware, Stefan Esser is a security researcher. He found avulnerabilityin iOS 4.3.1 firmware and developed a jailbreak exploit for it. He later used the same exploit to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 / 4.3.2 / 4.3.3. The only problem is that it was a userland jailbreak and not a bootrom level exploit.

iPad 2 device is a little sophisticated than the previous iOS devices with an A5 based chip inside it, which makes it NOT vulnerable to GeoHot’s Limera1n jailbreak.

Is Eleva0r really a jail break for iPad 2 device?

These teasers are started more than a month ago. After that Esser clarified that he didn’t own an iPad 2 jailbreak and he was just talking about the elevator where he lived. We thought that he was right and its over. BUT now he started it again by buying a new website named elevat0r.com.

This is what the website says:

Is an elevator arriving soon?

This website is dedicated to all those iPad 2 that are waiting for an elevator…
If your iPad 2 is waiting for an elevator don’t hesitate to share a photo of it with the rest of the world.”

iPad 2 Jailbreak Elevat0r

The word “Elevat0r” has a “0 – Zero”. We all know that its a common pratice by these jailbreakers to name their tools and even their own names by replacing English alphbet O with a Zero (0).

If you visit this website, you can see all images with an iPad 2 device with an original elevator. As it has become their habit to fool users, they have put another statement at the bottom which says “This website is not about an iPad 2 jailbreak, it is about photos of waiting iPad 2 only.”

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  • Dj Sokol

    I don’t care what they will named, all we want is the **** jailbreak tool. Stop teasing us

  • Ih8spam

    Did anyone care to read the bottom disclaimer….

  • Anonymous

    Stefan Esser is an **** **** who is wasting both his time and ours making worthless jokes and teases. He just can’t get over with the **** about his ******* elevat0r. I really doubt that ******* can jb the iPad 2. If he could, he would.
    Go p0sixninja…

  • doc_adeel

    These so called hackers cant do ****.They are not even hackers.3 months since iPad 2 is launched and yet not jailbroken.If it was Android,it would have been rooted within 3 days.nWorthless bunch of 0′s. My ***nNow dont ask me to jailbreak it myself.Im not a hacker.I dont claim to be what im not.

    • bob

      Then you are an *****. You’re ignorant to the fact of how difficult this is and that all of the members of the dev team have personal lives. So stop ******* and wait.

  • Nube Negra132

    Ahhhhhh!!!! I want the &))& jailbreak.

  • j rulzZ

    its not a tease, at the bottom page it says “DISCLAIMER: This website is not about an iPad 2 jailbreak, it is about photos of waiting iPad 2 only.”

  • N0ne

    I think it should be evident to everyone by now that there will not be a release until the iphone 5 release or at least an anouncement at the wwdc in regards to the release date of the iphone 5.

    • Dhk

      That is my exact thoughts. If they release a jailbreak now than wan the iphone 5 comes out, apple will have a patch ready to block the iphone from neing jailbroken.

  • Chris

    Lol he was talking about his elevator in his apartment… Jeez.

  • http://twitter.com/rommelcv rommelcv

    they are al losers!

    • xes1aro

      It’s pretty obvious that if they haven’t got a jailbreak by now it’s not going to happen. Never mind the fact that iOS5 is coming out soon. The end of the Jailbreaks are coming, iPhone 5 is gong to be the same and eventually we won’t have a choice to upgrade our phones and devices.

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