iPad 2 Jailbreak Wont Be Called Greenpois0n Says Chronic Dev


by casey on May 28, 2011

The upcoming iPad 2 jailbreak from Chronic Dev Team will not be named as a new version of Greenpois0n on iOS 4.3.3 / 4.3.2 / 4.3.1 . So those who are thinking it will be named Greenpois0n RC7 are totally wrong. Joshua Hill as know as p0sixninja, who is a key member of Chronic Dev Team has announced via his Twitter account that their iPad 2 jailbreak will not be called Greenpois0n. So wait for a new jailbreak tool by Chronic Dev Team.

This is what he has tweeted:

Just for the record, our iPad2 jailbreak won’t be called greenpois0n :-P

Wonder what could be the name of this new jailbreak tool ???

Greenpois0n image

Is Chronic Dev Team Close to release iPad 2 Jailbreak tool ?

Now the very next question that comes is why Chronic Dev Team is posting too many teasers??? We already know that posixninja is working on the iPad2 jailbreak. But why too many teasers now ?? Seems like they have come very close to its release. We are not creating the hype but they are again and again posting something related to the jailbreak of iPad 2.

Your opinion is important to us. Share your thoughts by commenting below. Who needs an iPad 2 jailbreak ??

We will let you know as soon as they release any tool or any information. All you need is to follow us us by checking the links below. Remember there is no official statement on its release date and also there are no ETAs.

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  • Cfssivan

    yes yes yes bla bla bla bla the only thing we want is the jailbreak common we dont even care the name

  • Zeth418

    I do ;(

  • Sam

    Lol they’re deciding for the name and stuff they probably cracked it or just giving the final touches!

  • Shawal10

    It better be fast……..

  • DrastiK

    I would really appreciate the iPad2 4.3.3 jailbreak. I understand that the making of the jailbreak is obviously hard which is why so few people can actually do it, but I don’t understand why this one is taking so long. There have been so many teasers with pictures of people holding a jailbroken iPad2 that had been labeled as a BETA stage jailbreak, but even releasing that until the fully functioning jailbreak is out would have been appreciated.

  • William

    Waiting patiently. Willing to pay for it. You guys are the best!

  • Tan_rymond

    I need the jailbreak ASAP! Hehe

  • Mousabh

    Come on guys this has been going for the past 4 months and still no deadline to complete the jailbreak (that is if its at all possible ) we’re dieing here WE NEED THE JAILBREAK or just tell us its not possible so we’ll sell this rubish piece of equipment ……

  • Raouf166

    No one cares what’s it gonna be called just releas it and stop trying to change the subject from saying when jailbreak is gonna be released to what’s it going to be called you guys are dumb stfu and try to get the jailbreak done u guys are really dumb telling us what’s it going to be called no 1 gives a fuck …

    • Shar88

      *** is your problem dude. Calm the **** down!!! There doing this for free, spending their time and brain power for ungrateful ******** like you. If your sooo ******* smart make a jailbreak for the iPad 2 yourself, until then **** and stop being such a whiny little *****!!!

  • Sunnyxxx

    Who cares as what they name to the jailbreak as long as that works.

  • Kaka

    @Sam ….. Ya like you know everything about the jailbreaks right?.. They probably won’t be done for another two weeks or s like they announced they would…. Don’t try to be the hero. Also @Raouff166 or whatever the ** your name is —— . It’s twitter. Therefore he can tweet as he pleases. He’s just announcing on people’s speculations that it will NOT be called Greenpois0n.

  • Nick

    And comments on this topic are the reason it has not been released yet. Feel free to go to uni/college and learn yourself! With any luck you will get a permanent ban from the jailbreak community all together.

  • Usman

    Looking forward to it…..

  • Usman

    Looking forward to it…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronnieconnor Ron Connor

    My guess is that we won’t be seeing this anytime soon:(

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