Installer 4.0 Jailbreak App Store Supports iOS 4.3.3! Cydia Alternative


by casey on May 24, 2011

Great News is that Installer Jailbreak App Store is back again. Installer 4.0 is available in Cydia and shows full compatibility with the latest iOS 4.3.1 / 4.3.2 / 4.3.3 firmwares. If you are unaware, Installer is the first jailbreak app store before even Apple introduced their official App Store. The service was previously discontinued when RipDev stopped working on it. After that Cydia was available and became famous. But now its back again by the Infini-Dev Team.

Installer jailbreak app store

We had success “porting” Installer to 4.3.3 and below. Installer works with a different system than Cydia, thats why you won’t be able to add a Cydia repo into installer. As we speak we are working on a new community source for installer only, which means you will be able to install things via installer.

We could use help, you may help us by submitting apps that where hosted by installer, or apps that have the installer structure. Or by making app with a installer structure.

Infini-Dev Team is the same group which works on the Icy, another Cydia alternative. We have already covered a detailed post on Icy and its features.

To get Installer, all you need to do is to add to your sources. For more details you can visit the official website of Infini-Dev Team.

Installer jailbreak app store

The working of the Installer is quite the same as of Cydia. Right now there are not a lot of apps and tweaks available as compared to Cydia. But from their work you can conclude that they will be a better competitor to Cydia in near future.

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  • Roodly Philogene

    i hope they are a real competitor to cydia, as cydia will be forced to better.u00a0

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