Man Uses Jailbreak App “CallerID Faker” To Threaten His Former Co-Workers


by casey on May 22, 2011

Here is an interesting news. Police has arrested a 22 year guy who made threatening calls using a jailbreak app to his former co-workers. According to the Police he remained undetected for two days using an iPhone App. The jailbreak app he used was CallerID Faker.

According to the source:

Noann Najmuddin Najmi used an application called “Caller ID Faker” to alter his cell phone number from being identified and also to alter his voice, authorities said. Najmi, an ex-employee of Florida Energy, made multiple phone calls to various employees at the business over a two-day period.

During the calls, he threatened to blow up the business unless they paid him $1,000, according to police. He threatened to shoot employees who were out in the field unless he was paid and said he would ruin the business with inside information he obtained during his two days of employment

caller id faker jailbreak app

Najmithreatenedhisfriendsnot only by changing the Caller ID but also by altering his voice with the help of the application. He was later arrested by Police when they reached him and checked his iPhone device during the investigation.

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