iPad 2 Jailbreak News Has Now Become A Drama


by casey on May 18, 2011

iPad 2 Jailbreak news has now become a drama. As we have already told you that there is no estimated time of arrival. The reason is very simple. They do not have any working exploit till now which can jailbreak it. It is obvious that they are working to dump the A5 based device but seems like the iPad2 users are too anxious to get a jailbreak. The strong desire is causing the users to check the news again and again and technology blogs are taking its full advantage. Many of the tech websites are now just delivering wrong news totally based on assumptions.

iPad 2 Jailbreak Rumors:

Veeence confirming that Esser owns a JB exploit named Elevator:

Veeence on Twitter is confirming again and again that Stefan Esser (creator of iOS 4.3.1 / 4.3.2 /4.3.3 jailbreak exploit) owns a jailbreak exploit for the iPad 2 device. According to him, Esser is referring his exploit codename Elevator. Esser on the other hand is denying it. This whole thing is the reason why many websites are assuming and making different stories which ultimately is not beneficial for the readers. According to Esser, he was just tweeting about a broken elevator where he lives.

iPad 2 Jailbreak software will not be a free one?

The second big rumor is that the iPad 2 jailbreak software will not be a free one and you actually have to pay for it. If there is no exploit for it till now then there is no point of discussing whether it will be a free one or not. In fact this news was started from one blog we don’t like to mention names. And after they publish it, others started to copy the news as it is without even providing any direct confirmation from those creating it.

muscle nerd ipad 2 jb


There is a quote which says “Seeing isbelieving“. Stick to that. Developers, h@ckers, Software Engineers, Jailbreakers, Coders etc., they have to check differencepossibilitiesto find a solution. Sometimes it takes little time, sometimes it takes a lot of time just like in this case. We advice you to wait for it. They will directly announce and confirm it once its completed.

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  • Kevstrophic

    it already feels like i’m having this unjailbroken ipad 2 for 500 years… -_-

  • Golimail

    if jailbreak is going to be so complicated, I do feel, customers would stick to older devices, before buying the Next one, the Next Iphone 5…6…7…or Ipad….and,u00a0so one…nnAndroid, is going to have a good, very good time soon, on tablet and mobileu00a0

  • Hgfccfhnhb

    5000 years

  • Rasorback

    Here kids have an Ipad2. I’m off to get a tablet! At least then I can do what I want, Not what apple wants me to be able to do.

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