PlayStation Network Hacks To Be Investigated By FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)


by casey on May 13, 2011

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will investigate the anonymous behind the PlayStation Network (PSN) hacks. We do not know whether they are going to be successful or not, but they have their own style of investigation. According to different reports, three attacks on PSN has been made till now. The hacker group has also revealed personal details of more than 77 million users. We cannot confirm whether they have misused the personal information of users or not as the hacker group claimed that they will not harm innocent users and their target is only PlayStation Network. But the point is that the PSN was compromised and hacked by the anonymous group and now it will be investigated by FBI.

If you are unaware, it all started during the Sony vs. GeoHot Lawsuit. Sony filed a case againstGeorge Hotz for jailbreaking PlayStation 3 previously. Although both parties were settled down but this anonymous startedthreateningSony that it will not forgive the company for itsprivacy invasion.

PlayStation Network

According to asource:

Security professionals, who say they are working in a voluntary capacity, have forwarded chat logs and internet addresses of alleged Anonymous members to the FBI to aid investigation.These experts said they had fielded questions from the FBI about their operations. The FBI and Sony declined to comment.

Previously we have seen Sony publicly apologizing to its users. This hacker group has their own point of view but the PSN users are effected.

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