Jailbreak iPad 2 Update By iPhone Dev Team! Under Development


by casey on May 9, 2011

Seems like we are not going to Jailbreak for iPad 2. At least iPhone Dev Team will not be able to do it for us. According to last update provided by the Dev Team, its under development. Apparently they are working on it but there is no progress.

Few days back they have released iOS 4.3.3 untethered jailbreak tools. Along with it, they have updated the following text regarding the Jailbreak iPad 2:

The iPad2 jailbreak remains under development. As you may know, the original exploit @comex developed in the first week of the iPad2 release was mysteriously fixed by Apple within days of its development. Partly because of this, donít expect much public discussion of the iPad2 jailbreak until itís actually finished and ready for release (and please avoid asking about it). In all liklihood, it will be a userland exploit like the first (unreleased) one, not dependent on bootrom dumps. The first one canít be released even for those with the original 4.3 firmware due to legal (distribution) reasons.

The A5 chip based iPad 2 device is the only device left which do not have any tethered / untethered jailbreak solution. If anyone gets success, it will also be helpful for all future A5 chip based Apple device.

iPhone Dev Team’s Comex iPad 2 Jailbreak Exploit Patched by Apple:

Previously we have told you that Comex do have an iPad 2 jailbreak exploit. He has also shown an image of his jailbroken iPad 2 device posted below. But that was patched by Apple. We have covered a story on this posted here iPad 2 jailbreak by Comex patched.

ipad 2 jailbreak

Chronic Dev Team p0sixninja & iPad 2 Jailbreak:

Key member of Chronic Dev Team p0sixninja is also working on the iPad 2 jailbreak. Although he seems too slow and showed no progress but still he is trying his luck. We have already posted a news which you can find here†Greenpos0n RC7 iPad 2 Jailbreak Work Progress.

GeoHot & iPad 2 Jailbreak:

We are expecting a lot from GeoHot.†GeoHot is also returning to the iOS jailbreaking world.†He has been teased by Chronic Dev Team key member Joshua Hill to make an†iPad 2 jailbreak. We have already covered a news which you can find here†iPad 2 jailbreak by GeoHot.

We are not creating a hype. We are just showing you the whole picture. Seems like we have to wait. Stay tuned! we will update you if we get any update on the iPad 2 jailbreak.

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  • Ahf_525

    All these hackers are group of losers. Apple ****** them all. And ****** us (ipad2 users)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, really? Then plz, y dnt u go ahead and give us a jailbreak for ipad 2, show us ur a winner.
      ****** like u get things free, those guys work their butts off for us, u probably can’t even use a tool released by those guys.
      And yeah, plz promise to urself that when the jailbreak comes out (yeah, it will, and no 1 gives a **** what u think) u won’t use it..

  • Anonymous

    Hey ahf! You ungrateful ******, do it yourself then! You cant demand that people give you **** for free all the time.

  • Fuckapple

    **** apple that company is a piece of ****

  • Stephen

    I love the quality of your comments.

  • Oplok

    its taking way too godddamn long, hurry *********** and just work on the ipad2

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