GeoHot’s iPad 2 Jailbreak Will Be A Bootrom Level Exploit! No Userland Jailbreak


by casey on May 3, 2011

Previously we have updated you that GeoHot is intended to jailbreak iPad 2 device.He has been teased by Chronic Dev Team key member Joshua Hill to make aniPad 2 jailbreak exploit. If you are unaware, iPad 2 is the only device left that has no tethered / untethered jailbreak solution on the latest iOS 4.3.1 and iOS 4.3.2 firmware. Let us update you that the jailbreak iPad 2 by GeoHot will be a bootrom level exploit. Hopefully it will not be a userland jailbreak.

A few of you might be thinking the difference between userland and bootrom level exploit. Follow the below paragraph if you are unaware of it.

geohot jailbreak

Difference between Bootrom and Userland exploits:

We are not going to go into the details and depth as we are writing it for the people who are a little less technical. Bootrom level are the ones which are hardware based exploits and cannot be fixed until there is a change or upgrade in the hardware by the company. For example, if Geohot finds a bootrom level exploit for the iPad 2 device, it will not be possible to fix it as Apple cannot revise the hardware. If they upgrade the hardware in the iPad 3, then it will be fixed otherwise no chance. Such vulnerabilities which results in a hardware based exploit are normally complicated to find.

On the other hand, userland jailbreaks can be easily fixed with a new firmware upgrade. Like the Stefan Esser’s untethered jailbreak exploit for iOS 4.3.1 and iOS 4.3.2. His exploit can be patched by Apple if the introduce a new iOS version.

geohot ipad 2 bootrom exploit

Remember there are no ETAs for iPad 2 jailbreak. Realistically, it will take some time as GeoHot still have to buy an iPad 2 device. Its just he has confirmed that he will try.

GeoHot remained busy fighting and defending himself against a lawsuit by Sony. If you are unaware of this, GeoHot was sued by Sony forjailbreaking PlayStation3 PS3 firmware 3.55. The case is over now as both parties are settled down and he is back toiOS jailbreaking.

So who need an iPad 2 jailbreak ? Your opinion is important to us. Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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  • Loc Le

    I need to jailbreak iPad 2 please!!!!

    • SAS

      I can’t wait to jailbreak my ipad 2 too x 10000000 …. endlessu00a0

  • Mark Derico

    I reallyyyyy need myy iPad 2 jailbrokeN!!

  • Kore4life

    I need a iPad 2 jailbreak… I’ll love to have the psauve theme to compliment the white bezel… Yesterday I was tempted to buy a few apps but a slap to the face brought me back to reality… Geohot help a brother out please

  • Xsinux

    Why does GeoHot need to buy an iPad2? I am sure he can get 100s of them free from users waiting for a Jailbreak on iPad2. nnI am also wondering why Comex isnt releasing the iPad2 jailbreak from 4.3 when he has already done it>?

    • Jesse

      You would give him an iPad?

  • Ltsjunkmail

    Jailbreak it! ?

  • R_fayez102

    Please all of us hwo has buy an ipad2 need a jailbreak very important

  • Ronaldinhel

    I need INE real bad been searching every week

  • Niceshotdude

    why not everyone donates $1 to GeoHot. Rate and number of ppl wanting it, he’lll get it at least 5 by morning tomorrow :)

  • Chris Lin

    Not kidding. All the Ipad2 users is waiting for you.

  • Chris Lin

    no kidding. at least 50% of the iPad2 Users are waiting for this JB.

  • Steam23

    I’ve been holding off on buying an iPad 2 until the jail.break comes available. Well that and they’re back in stock at my local bestbuy.

  • Pyroskalk34

    I need an iPad 2 jailbreak for 4.3.2 and your the man that can get sh*t done! Can’t wait (^_^)

    • Roaldsbigmac

      I hate geohot. He has caused so much **** and only fuels dirty skanky pirates who won’t pay or can’t afford anything.

    • Whothefcukrmutd

      People like u know jack shit! Y does he allow piracy? He only makes the jailbreak not apps for pirating! And if your talking about the ps3 his cfw was only a lvl 1 jb that didnt allow backup mangers etc it was others who made lvl 2 cfw that enabled piracy!!

  • D.K..

    I’m looking forward to the jailbreak of iPad 2.
    Everyday I’m doing web surfing to know about the jailbreak.

  • Sks998

    Harry up guy’s pleasenRussian folks also need Jailbreake for iPad2nVERY very…

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