White iPhone 4 Fixes Proximity Sensor Antenna Issues


by casey on April 28, 2011

Remember iPhone 4 proximity sensor issue which remained a controversial topic for a long time. Although Apple tried to justify it by saying that it was actually the AT&T formula which was causing it to show less signals, but the issue is still there we don’t know may be in the minds of those who use it. Anyways we do not want to go into its detail. The good news is that proximity sensor Antenna issues has been resolved in the White iPhone 4 device. Check out the video after a break.

white iphone 4

As you already know that white iPhone 4 is going to hit the market starting from April 28. So its a great news specially for the ones who are going to buy it on launch day without first reading the reviews. Seems like Apple has worked a lot to fix issues found in the black iPhone. Its not just only a change in color.

According to the report:

The reception seems improved signal to my house where the wind usually is not very stable. I say this after two tests at home and two outdoors. At home I have lost a cleat, from 3 to 2, usually when you start with 3 cleats signal fell rapidly with the old model just put my hand .. But I think it’s premature to say that they have made some changes .. You should also consider the composition of the metal .. which is probably the only thing that could change without attracting attention

Here is a video posted by an Italinan website:

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  • cushcalc

    Sheesh what a mixed up report! Proximity sensor has nothing to do with signal bars displayed or AT&T at all.

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