GarageBand For iPhone 4 Possible


by casey on April 28, 2011

Well thats the beauty of jailbreaking. The GarageBand application by Apple which was introduced originally for the iPad device is hacked to run on a iPhone 4 device. Simply Awesome. Of course it requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone device. If you are unaware, GarageBand is an app for Mac OS X and iOS that let you to create music. It is developed by Apple itself. They made it available for the iPad device. But check out the video below which shows you GarageBand running on an iPhone 4 device.

Transferring of this app with customized and changes metadata to an i 4 device using OpenSSH made it possible. According to its developer, Surprisingly, it didn’t crash as much as I expected it to do”

garageband for iphone 4

Check our the video to see it in action:

May be Apple is going to introduce it for the iPhone as well in near future may be in the iPhone 5 device. Right now its not officially possible to have Garageband on an iOS device other than iPad. Only the jailbreak device owners can enjoy it.

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