BlackBerry Messenger BBM v6.0.0.73 Download Available


by casey on April 27, 2011

BlackBerry Messenger version 6.0 is released. The new BBM v6.0.0.73 is now available for download in Beta Zone. If you are already a beta zone user than you can sign in to check the download option available for you. BlackBerry Messenger BBM v6.0.0.73 download links is available below.

New Features in BlackBerry BBM v6.0.0.73

  • Updated BBM branding
  • More “snappy” and responsive feel
  • Visual distinction of message drafts vs. sent messages
  • Any alerts set for SMS contacts are now preserved in BBM once an SMS contact is integrated with BBM
  • Invite a Text Messaging Contact — it’s now easier to search contacts
  • Location Search — you can now search for a location before sending, similar to the Location Search experience via SMS
  • Location Sending — you can now detect your location with cell tower triangulation or GPS
  • Appointment Sending — sending appointment or calendar events is now a similar experience to that of sending an appointment via SMS

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Here is a list of known issues in the latest version.

  • While reviewing previous chat messages, focus jumps down on incoming message [Group and BBM chat]
  • Occasionally unable to scroll up into message history from reply field/smiley button (must scroll left) [Group and BBM Chat]
  • If you forward a picture that you received in a chat to a Bluetooth® device, the recipient might receive a .tmp file rather than a .jpg. The recipient cannot view the picture. [Workaround: You can try saving the picture to your device or to a media card before forwarding it.]
  • You cannot send files to contacts in a multiperson chat. [Workaround: You can send files to contacts individually or you can share pictures within a group.]
  • After you invite a few people to a mulitperson chat, if someone invites another participant you might not receive a prompt before the new person is added to the chat.
  • Emoticons, including flags that are in a contact or member’s display name might not appear correctly outside of chats and group chats.
  • In a group, if you try to add a long comment to a picture that includes special characters, such as symbols and emoticons, you might not be able to post your comment.
  • If a member shares a picture after the picture limit for the group has been reached, the picture replaces an older one but the picture counter might incorrectly update to one more than the group limit.
  • If you set the option in a group to save pictures that members share to a media card, and if you share a picture with the group from the Camera application, an extra copy of the picture might appear on your media card. [Workaround: You can share pictures from the pictures section of a group.]
  • If you share an existing appointment with a group, a duplicate appointment appears in the Calendar application on your device. [Workaround: To avoid duplicate calendar entries, you can create an appointment from within a group and share it with members.]
  • If you click View Calendar from a group update, the calendar incorrectly displays today’s date.
  • If you register an email address that uses a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server with BlackBerry Messenger, wipe your device, add new contacts or groups, and register the email address with BlackBerry Messenger again, your previous groups might not be recovered. [Workaround: You can try asking a person from the group to remove you from the group and re-invite you.]

Download BlackBerry Messenger BBM v6.0.0.73

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