Saurik Explains Cydia Server Problems and Amazon EC2 Outage


by casey on April 23, 2011

As we have already updated you about the issues users are having with Cydia server. Many users have reported Cydia SHSH and Cydia application management problems. You can not even buy a few of the applications in Cydia Store. Not only this, the already purchased apps might also prompts you error messages asking you to reinstall them. We also know the reason for it. Its due to Amazon EC2 outage on which Cydia is hosted.

Jay Freeman as known as Saurik who is the developer of Cydia has inserted disclaimer in Cydia. It shows a message to inform people about the state of server downtime. This is what his message says:

Cydia Problems

Amazon EC2 servers, the servers that host internal Cydia are facing serious problems for about 45 hours. This dowtime effect on purchases of goods for a fee, on the Theme Center, and on the Manage Account section of Cydia.

I (Saurik) I’m resting at intervals of an hour and a half since I started this downtime, in order to try to get in touch with the “Premium Support” Amazon to communicate the problem.

In the last hours there was a very high traffic that did not allow me to edit this page above to enter the message you are reading.

Unfortunately, the state of the Amazon server is not yet clear, and information received are quite confused, even if vaguely optimistic. However I can not make decisions and then do much in this direction.

At the moment, the latest news from Amazon (received one and a half ago), confirm that the technicians are working to restore the full functioning of the server, so all you need to be recovered. The Premium Support has asked the engineers to give precedence to Cydia and the recovery of its infrastructure.

In the previous two hours, Amazon has recovered two important volumes of Cydia, but the same can not yet be said for the volume that allows you to reset the entire index of packages.

Stay tuned we will update you as soon as we get another update.

(For those interested, this downtime is the same as other sites like Reddit is interesting and Foursquare).

UPDATE: Cydia Server is now up and running with no issues.

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