Cydia SHSH & Cydia Application Management Issues Reported By More Users


by casey on April 23, 2011

A few of you might be facing problems with Cydia. It is not due to some internal Cydia Server issues. As you already know, Amazaon EC2 outage is the actual reason why people are having trouble with Cydia. If you are unaware, Cydia is also hosted on the same zone of Amazon cloud.

We have also received emails from our visitors which confirms that they are having trouble with the management of packages. Previously it was only the Cydia SHSH option that it was not showing. You can not even buy a few of the applications in Cydia Store. Try Again latest thats what we can suggest you. Not only this, the already purchased apps might also prompts you error messages asking you to reinstall them.

Of course its not a good news for the Cydia users. But as soon as Amazon EC2 servers becomes fault less, you will be able to access Cydia with no such errors and problems.

We are waiting for any official statement by Cydia’s creator Jay Freeman as known as Saurik. We will keep you informed.

UPDATE: Saurik explains Cydia Problems due to Amazon EC2 Downtime

UPDATE:Cydia Server is now up and running with no issues.

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