Apple Outshines Nokia To Become The Largest Vendor By Revenue


by casey on April 22, 2011

Here is a news that will fascinate Apple lovers. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple Inc. has become the largest mobile phone devices vendor by revenue beating Nokia for the very first time.

Reuters is reporting that Apple’s revenue from the iPhone has gone up to $11.9 billion in the last
quarter. On the hand Nokia’s phone revenue is gone to $9.4 billion figure.

”With strong volumes and high wholesale prices, the PC vendor has successfully captured revenue leadership of the total handset market in less than four years.” said Analyst Alex Spektor of Wireless Device Strategies.


Apple and Nokia are the giants in the tech market who are developing mobile phone devices. Although Nokia has a global reach as they offer low priced devices as well. On the other hand, Apple is known for its expensive products and it mostly tries to cover smartphone users.

It will be very interesting as Apple has intentions to cover market other than smartphones as well. They will be producing low priced iPhones in future to cover more market.

On the other hand Nokia has already developed a strategy to cover smartphone market by having a deal with Microsoft to offer Nokia Windows Phone devices.

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