64 GB White iPhone 4 Prototype Leaked Running iOS 5


by casey on April 20, 2011

Here is a very interesting news. Vietnamese website Tinhte, which is well known for leaks has released a video of a 64 GB White iPhone 4 running some test version of iOS. It is rumored to be iOS 5 which is the next upcoming firmware by Apple. The video reveals multitasking and search features in the upcoming software (iOS 5). Remember its the same website which previously revealed iPhone 4 ahead of official launch. Check out the videos below.

64 GB White iPhone 4 iOS 5

Another video shows that its actually a leaked prototype of white iPhone 4 64 GB model:

There are different reviews made by different websites on whether its an iOS 5 firmware or some modified version of iOS 4 with multitasking added. We leave that on you. Watch the videos and decide yourself.

Check out the video to see it in action:

These days there are a lot of white iPhone 4 rumors. Many of them are just fake. We are considering this one as it came from the same Vietnamese website that previously initiated many rumors which happened to be real afterwards.

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