Dual SIM iPhone 4 Available With Rebel 2Phone


by casey on April 18, 2011

Here is another interesting news for you. Have you ever thought of using an iPhone 4 which has two SIM cards. Yes, a dual SIM iPhone 4. Officially its not possible but technically it is with a case developed by Rebel SIM Card Dot Com. “Rebel 2Phone Dual Standby Sim Case” is available now. It allows you to use two SIM cards like AT&T and T-mobile in USA at the same time. You can make and receive phone calls at the same time. Check out the video after a break.

Dual Sim iPhone 4

Following is the information provided by RebelSimCard:

Benefits for Active Rebel 2Phone Dual Sim for iPhone 4

Active Dual-SIM operation allows the use of two services without the need to carry two phones at the same time.
Using multiple SIM cards allows the user to take advantage of different pricing plans for calls and text messages to certain destinations as well as mobile data usage.
You can use more 2 sim card on your iPhone 4 to make and receive calls simultaneously. This is true standby.
Rebel 2Phone has its own GSM phone(use iPhone 4 screen mic speaker etc.) built into our own case, hence, you can receive call simultaneously. This is true dual standby.
Built-in 1700mAh Battery. This battery is used to power the phone in our case or can you be used as a power extender for your iPhone Battery.
If you run low on battery on your iPhone you can use the battery from the Rebel 2Phone Case to charge your iPhone.
Does not use any power from your iPhone. Has it own built-in battery that power the active dual sim.
Prevent your iPhone 4 from scratches.
Make Calls with even Locked iPhones. Dont be stuck using your iPhone 4 as an iPod.

Dual Sim iPhone 4 T Mobile AT&T

Check the video to see Rebel 2Phone Dual Standby Sim Case in action:

You can purchase it from here, although its a little expensive but not that much if you are too curious for it.

Remember its the same company which also offers iPhone 4 unlock on higher basebands. We have already covered news on unlock iPhone 4 with Rebel SIM Card.

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Chindasone April 18, 2011 at 7:51 am

Too expensive u00a3150!!nBetter get addition normal cellphone or u00a3150 for an 2.2 android phone…


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