Untethered 4.3.2 Jailbreak For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


by casey on April 16, 2011

Here is a great news for you. As you already know about the iOS 4.3.2 firmware release. A tethered jailbreak solution using PwnageTool bundles is already available posted here. But what about the Untethered iOS 4.3.2 jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch ?? Stefan Esser, the man who found the untethered iOS 4.3.1 exploit has CONFIRMED that his exploit is not patched in the latest software by Apple. UPDATE TO THIS STORY IS AVAILABLE BELOW.

Of course you are not going to use the same tools (Redsn0w 0.9.6,PwnageTool 4.3.Sn0wbreeze 2.5) for untethered iOS 4.3.2 jailbreak that you have used with iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak. The reason is that the hacker has to generate new untether binaries.

This is what he has announced on his Twitter account:

Apple has been nice. I just verified that the untether vulnerability is not fixed in iOS 4.3.2 – my Ipad 1 is running untethered jailbroken

Of course the public untether binaries will not work with iOS 4.3.2 – I have to generate new untether binaries with new dyld/kernel offsets

untethered 4.3.2 esser - 2

untethered 4.3.2 esser - 1

No estimated time of arrival has been confirmed for it. But we hope you are now relaxed to hear that its not patched. Hope we will get an untether jailbreak very soon.

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UPDATE 1:Redsn0w 0.9.6 RC13 Released For Untethered iOS 4.3.2 Jailbreak

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  • Pashizm

    what? i already have am running a untethered 4.3.2 with no problem. dont believe me ask me for a video. seriously.

  • Prophessor007

    I’m so relieve to read this! I made the mistake of upgrading to 4.3.2 not knowing there was no unteathered jailbreak for it yet. And I’m too lazy to go back through and take the time to downgrade my software lol. Please put an article up ASAP when this jailbreak comes out!(:

  • Dredtrizz

    @Pashizm… Please post a video, I running 4.3.2 bb 6.15.00 tethered and the phone keeps ‘Searching’ for a signal. I’m also missing the Cellular Data Network tab. Help please!!

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