Companies Interested To Advertise In Jailbreak Store Cydia After Toyota’s iPhone Theme In Cydia


by casey on April 6, 2011

Here is another interesting story. Toyota Motor Corporation is advertising on ModMyi which is one of the most popular repositories in Cydia plus car manufacturer ads running. Not only this, they have a official Scion interface theme for sale in jailbreak store. We have not seen such big companies who have selected Cydia for advertising and marketing etc.

Toyota is a big company. Selecting Cydia or any other jailbreaking group seems to be a good strategy. We are expecting a trend and hope other big companies will follow what Toyota just did. Wonder who is going to be the big next name who will select Cydia for advertising.

Cydia Toyota iPhone Theme

What if Adobe starts advertising Flash in Cydia who has been ignored by Apple due to HTML5 and Steve Jobs ???

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Source: via ModMyi

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