Unlock iPhone 4 Without GEVEY SIM Card


by casey on April 3, 2011

Here is another interesting news. As you already know there is no unlock available for iPhone 4 on higher basebands. The only way to unlock it is to use GEVEY Sim Interposer or Rebel Turbo Sim or any other SIM based solution. Remember GEVEY SIM can also unlock iPhone 4 on basebands 1.59.00 / 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 / 04.11.02 running iOS 4, iOS 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1 and iOS 4.3 without any jailbreak. The news is that a solution exists which DO NOT require any SIM to be used.

Dill Huang us successful to unlock i4 device using 112 exploit without GEVEY or any other SIM. For the proof he has published a video. The iPhone 4 in the video has a baseband 03.10.01. Two SIM cards are shown, one is from Vodafone and the other from Bell Mobility Canada.

unlock iPhone 4 Without SIM CARD

The hacker inserts one SIM, dials 112, hangs up after 2 seconds and then toggles to flight mode. After that he removes the SIM and insert the other one and truns off the flight mode. That its, the iPhone 4 is unlocked.

The Vodafone has a test IMSI and not the real value, so do not try this on your own device. Check out the video:


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  • Okko

    He has cydia its jailbroken iphone 4

  • Toto

    Not working for me, says invalid sim after the process

  • Harbinur

    anyway iphone can be jailbroken,there is no issue about cydia.nthe problem is unlock man

  • Device_guru555

    who asked you to make it work on your device. Read the article above. It says has one device has a test IMSI and not the real value, so DO NOT try this on your own device

  • MATT

    what is test IMSI?

  • Madico

    Jailbreaking is easy, but i managed to unlock it with the method….

  • http://twitter.com/alessandrawrig alessandra wright

    a downloadable method is way better than this sim one. jailbreaking is easy, to unlock mine ios 4.3 i have used the unlockiphone4k method, but i have tried it for 4.3.1 and it doesent work, i’ll have to wait some more i guess for dev team to release their method.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WNRT35ZEHGQX55WTPNYWXLJXNI Thai

    It’s fake. My Iphone is locked with ATT. However, when i put in 02 wireless, my iphone works (it does not reject my 02 wireless sim). Since 02 wireless is under Vodafone, therefore, it must work with Vodafone sims. My conclusion is : Iphones are locked with several carriers (not just one like other phones). So the Vodafone IMSI sim is bogus. It’s just a Vodafone sim.

  • Djay_mo14

    who asked you to make it work on your device. Read the article above. It says has one device has a test IMSI and not the real value, so DO NOT try this on your own device

  • Anonymous

    Hello Iphone 4 user with BB 2.10.04 and follows,
    I normally don’t want to give my mustard to the unlock-discussion, but there is an internal need to do this despite!
    I got from a fellow ( he was dampish that time) his iphone 4 for 500 Euro ( I am German). At this moment I’ve never heard anything about jailbreak or I didn’t know for what an unlock is necessary!
    2 weeks later after getting an E-plus provider micro-sim card for iphone I realised, my device is locked on T-mobile and my fellow has gotten it through a contract prolongation. Now I had to handle the destiny word UNLOCK.
    I think on this way came here in Germany thousands of iphones locked by the superiority T-Mobile provider in hand of E-Plus, Vodafone or O2. (this sentence is valid for Germany only)
    Anyway, from this time (yet 7 months) I have been following the blathers of muscle splurge and a neurotic sheriff on every website they have a platform.
    This reached the summit in the message: “we got the unlock already but will wait for release ios 4.3 to take Apple the chance for making corrections”. TOP I thought, those guys have not only muscles they also have brain!
    4.3 was released and the ready unlock was suddenly gone…. unbelievable for the entire scene.
    Last comment: “we now thinker with the IMEI”
    Guys, did you ever hear about a GEVEY developer team in China while all of these months, which is working on a hardware unlock for our horrible iphone. No twitter message, no facebook filling, no? I am not also!!
    Those young chaps, no more than 20 years old, not able to stem a 20lb dumb-bell up to their nose tip, have brought out a suitable and good working hard unlock.
    And, how funny, those guys never had any doubts or fears during their hard work that they do all for nothing! Imagine, if you are a member of such a team. Would you don’t be angry that a free software solution for unlocking the iphone is already done by the Americans. Who to hell shall buy an unlock-sim from me??
    Complete wrong, they exactly have known what they did! They realized very early during their work that APPLE have used the rap of those hackers for improving the saving walls by their house developer….. with success!!
    That is for sure, the GEVEY people make profit now, but with reason!!
    I have settled-in this thing by an friend of mine and now I am the happiest man on earth to use my Iphone as a cell phone now. Clear, I had to spend 50 Euro. But those 50 Euro were the first money in my live I spent with joy.
    Now is to see the E-Plus logo left above my iphone an all came to the END, finally!

    PS. Please do not post dialing 112 is illegal.
    Illegal is that what T-Mobile does……to decide who may have an iphone and who not!!

  • http://twitter.com/ErnestoGamio Ernesto Gamio

    @Michavier I think I’m experiencing the same problem as you did. I bought my iPhone 4 in the states, in an Appl store, were they claimed that it would work in Europe with my carrier, so I bought it for 700$, came to Europe and inserted my microsim, BAM, invalid sim card was the message. So I’ve been searching on the internet and heard about the same; unlock will be available when 4.3 is realesed, which has not happend yet. nPlease any ideas, or suggestions on how to get this unlocked???

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