iPad 2 Sales Numbers Revealed – Infographic


by casey on April 3, 2011

As there is no official statement by Apple on the number of iPad 2 sold units, eBay has shared a visualized graph that shows iPad 2 sales information.

Here is the info-graphic:

iPad 2 sales

CNET has provided the following information:

eBay has the entry-level 16GB model topping the charts at 30 percent of sales, followed by the aforementioned 64GB 3G model at 23 percent. The 32GB Wi-Fi only model comes in third place at 17 percent. The two least-liked models from the looks of the data are the first two models with 3G, with the 16GB and the 32GB models 7 percent and 9 percent, respectively. However that could be due more to availability than user preference considering the popularity of the high-end model with 3G.

Following is the info graphic on iPad 2 exports from US.

iPad 2 export US

We are still waiting for any official number by the company. What we know is that iPad 2 is a huge success and they will beannouncinga big number as compared to the iPad 2 initial sales. Follow us to get more interesting news on Apple world.

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