Cydia Jailbreak App Store Blocked By Apple In Its Stores


by casey on April 3, 2011

Although iOS jailbreaking is legal as the US court has exempted phone jailbreaking from DMCA last year, but Apple always try to put more obstacles in front of jailbreakers and unlockers. Here is another one. The company has blocked access to Cydia App Store if you browse it right from Apple Stores. That is if you tries to open Cydia Store while using Apple Store’s WiFi network, it will redirect you to Apple’s official website.

Of course its not going to effect you, as they can only put restrictions when you use their Store’s WiFi. May be its just a way to show company’s attitude towards people using hacked or jailbroken apps.

Apple Cydia Store

On the other hand, Apple is successful to protect iPad 2 against hackers trying to jailbreak it. The upcoming untethered iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak by Stefan Esser and iPhone Dev Team is also unable to jailbreak iPad 2 device. Not only this, they are also successful to protect iPhone 4 to get unlocked on higher basebands.

So who is winning, Apple or jailbreakers ??? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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  • Jackgene

    Android is begginning to viable choice! I’m tired on going thru the jailbreak unlock hassle. You pay you money for a technology you should be able to use it how you want. I have been devoted to Apple for many year however my next phone will be a Android device for sure. I think others who are tired should do the same to send Apple a message.

    • Justin Frascona Hogan

      then you’ll end up back with apple. like me you will hate android battery life and the overall os and all the bs apps that are in the market. iphone still has the better os and apps.

  • Cleanergirl

    I’m irritated that I managed to upgrade to iPhone 4 just a few days after the signing on any OS version behind 4.3 was halted. 4.2.1 is a stable OS, and I would like to enjoy it jailbroken, but I can’t, now. This nonsense is getting old, and Apple can be as derogatory toward jailbreakers as they want; but the end result is going to be loss of users and revenue. Also, have you seen the Xoom? Apple should live in fear of this product – it renders iPad into a chincy child’s toy in comparison.

  • Dtssyhgdff

    Haha that’s funny because last month I went into a apple store and downloaded greenp0sion to one of there macs and jailbroke my phone right in the store. I wonder if I can do it again.

  • Johnt11011

    Jailbreaking is not a sport where you try to score a few more point to win or get the one up it is about freedom of owning something we worked for and bought with our hard earned money that apple now has and can do what they please with it, so now why can’t we do what we please with what we exchanged our substance for there’s, now we should be able to run any software or third party mod, tweak and beyhond that, one thing for sure I am my own person have things that I own and my phone is one of them so apple, the president or Jesus him self will not tell me what to do with my belongings

  • Olly_b

    u can just pay to get the phone unlock through the network that way u can update without fearing the phone wikk b locked again thats what i did

  • Bob

    can’t you just like tether the internet from one of the iOS devices? then you void the use of the apple store’s internet

  • Ice122k2

    Cleanergirl,nI actually bought the Xoom the day it came out. and like Justin Frascona Hogan said, “then you’ll end up back with apple. like me you will hate android battery life and the overall os and all the bs apps that are in the market. iphone still has the better os and apps.”nHe is 100% accurate with his statement. It looks cheap, it doesn’t do anything different from the clanky android phones and the battery life was horrible !!! The only advantage that it had whatsoever over the iPad 2, even NOT jailbroken, was the expandable memory slot. Absolutely NOT worth the money AT ALL!!!!!!

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