Log In To PlayStation Network (PSN) With Banned PS3 Console


by Owais on March 28, 2011

Are your PlayStation 3 banned by Sony to access PlayStation Network ??? Even many users were not involved in any jailbreaking scene, they were banned by the company to access PSN. So whats the solution ? Here is a great news! You might be able to solve this problem by the method provided by ps3hax.

8002A227 is the error number which those users have received which are banned by Sony to access PlayStation Network.

PlayStation Network

How To Log In To PlayStation Network (PSN) With A Banned PS3:

  • First you need to download1) PS3DNS-GUI & 2) PSID
  • Launch PS3DNS-GUI and enter your IP address and area.
  • Navigate to Tools > Rewrite > PS3DNS > eth0 > Rules > Add
  • Put your console id which is banned in every field with no spaces. Change the last digit of your console id to 1.
  • Navigate to your PS3′s DNS. Set the primary DNS by writing in your PC’s IP address. Let t he secondary DNS to be0.0.0.0. You have to activate proxy as well. In host write again your IP address and set the port number as 8888.
  • Now log in to PSN. You will be successfully logged in.
  • Launch PSID and click Square to change to a random console id.
  • Go to PlayStation Network Store. Again it will not show any resistance. Except for few you can download anything.
  • Also you need to confirm your original console id according to PSID before you can launch any game for online play.

banned PSN access

Disclaimer: The above post is for testing and informational purposes only. VeryRite has not created the hack. We are just putting it as a news. We also do not take any responsibility for any bans etc. Enjoy it at your own risk.

UPDATE: The above technique DO NOT work any more. Thanks to Nadeem for letting us know.

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  • angel

    Hi my username online is nightwin u guys dont let me sign in my password but i want it back so please give my password back please playstatoin network

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