GEVEY SIM Is Illegal ! Buyers Beware! MuscleNerd Warns


by Abdocw on March 27, 2011

The iPhone dev team member MucleNerd, has announced on his twitter account some bad news about Gevey SIM. MucleNerd told us that Gevey SIM is illegal in USA and other countries as it dials 112 (emergency) then hang up.As you already knowGEVEY SIM card unlocks iPhone 4 basebands 1.59.00 / 03:10.01 / 02.10.04 / 04.10.01 running iOS 4, iOS 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1 and iOS 4.3 without requiring you to jailbreak your device.

This is what he has announced on his Twitter account:

That “dial 112 then hang up” in gevey is illegal in USA, and probably other countries. Buyer beware.

GEVEY SIM Is Not Legal

So at the moment the carriers will block Gevey SIM that cause emergency call hang ups, but do you think that hackers can make it legal ? Then we tell you no because MucleNerd confirmed that there is no chance to make Gevey SIM legal, now who is looking for unlock with Ultrasn0w 1.3 or NCK key based unlock for uPhone 4 ???

MuscleNerd is only warning us! Where is his own solution to unlock iPhone 4 ? :)

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  • Geveysim

    F.. the MucleNerd, Don’t be jealous because of someone can unlock iphone 4 baseband while you ..cking can not unlock it.

  • Nabilazara

    We have been waiting for any unlock geve just came on time

  • Ramu

    showw off guy

  • Sandip_kvaidya

    Dear MuscleNerd – I support U, Now it is your chance to show your talent, we are still waiting to release NCK unlock

  • whitters

    you guys do realize this is a little out of proportion? its legal to dial any number I want, but illegal to allow it to connect without good reason. GEVEY IS LEGAL to a point :P allowing connection is no more than a slap on the hand. but still not something you want to do.nnmusclenerd is working hard for the unlock. but impatient people can have an easy fix and temporary fix.

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