iOS Jailbreaking May Be Legal But Stop Supporting Software Piracy


by casey on March 25, 2011

As Apple App Store do not offer trial version of apps, many users tries jailbroken version of the app before they go and buy it from the App Store. On the other hand many users rely on the jailbroken apps instead of buying it from Apple. As we know iOS JAILBREAKING is exempted from the DMCA which simply means its legal to jailbreak your device but its another story.

Coming back to the point, a user read and tried to install a jailbroken version of Localscope app for testing it. But he received the following message which is kind of strange.

Jailbreaking your iOS device may be okay.

But not paying for apps is not cool.
Please stop supporting software piracy via

Also check out the image posted by the user.

Jailbreak Apps Warning Messages

The message was prompted by Cynapse who have developed this application. After that Localscope was halted with a message to buy it if he wants to continue. More users are complaining about this issue with other applications as well. If you are getting same messages do send us an image of it by contacting us.

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