Sony Xperia PLAY Ads Mocks At iPhone 4 Gaming Experience


by casey on March 24, 2011

Sony Ericsson has released a set of video advertisements featuring their latest Xperia PLAY smartphone. One out of it mocks at Apple iPhone for its inability to provide a better gaming experience to its users. The video ad shows how easy and fun is to play games on Sony Xperia PLAY also known as PlayStation Phone.

The ad features Kristen Schaal, an American actress and comedian, known for Mel in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords.

The actress features Xperia Play’s physical controls and compares it with iPhone 4 touch controls. Its the very first time we have seen Sony attacking Apple to boost their smartphone.

Sony Xperia PLAY Smartphone

Although they tried their best, but have not found anything too funny to laugh at. We all know Xperia PLAY is much better to experience gaming when compared with the iPhone device. Of course they have release this Android based smartphone to target gaming users. While iPhone is just a phone and we love this phone :)

Check our the video:

Companies should learn that its not only the iPhone which is their target. They have to make something new instead of just offering better features than what is already present in the iPhone device.

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